Meghan Markle Faces Another Staff Resignation
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Meghan Markle Faces Another Staff Resignation

Yet another resignation from Meghan Markle's team of staff has come about

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been one of the most discussed royal couples (after Charles and Diana, of course) in history. Probably it is due to the age of social media that everyone has a voice to their opinion or it is just people’s interest in this couple. Their marriage broke many royal norms. Considering Harry’s happy-go-lucky nature and Meghan’s American background, they were expected to change many traditions in the monarchy. People instantly fell in love with the new bride because they thought they could relate to her. Meghan Markle also seemed to be giving her best to win the hearts of people: maybe following her late mother-in-law Diana or just being herself. People were pleased to see the cold walls of monarchy softening down due to this new couple.

However, it is not easy being married to a Prince. Living in the royal household is not a fairytale. The amount of pressure that one has to handle and deal with is immense. Meghan also had her fair share of those. Soon news of her difficult nature also started bubbling in. It was hard to conclude if it was just a media campaign or there was an actual storm in the cup.

Meghan Markle’s staff started resigning with the speed of light. There were four resignations within a year. In November her personal assistant Melissa Toubati resigned within six months of her job. The couple’s private secretary and personal aide Samantha Cohen resigned after seventeen years. Meghan’s bodyguard also gave up after six months. Soon her right-hand woman Amy Pickerill also resigned. Well, the first resignation could be given a benefit of doubt but four resignations within a year ring a bell.

There were whispers of Meghan Markle being a difficult boss. The resignations did not stop there.

When Baby Archie came to this world, it was being said that the royal couple would not hire a nanny. However, after one was hired it came as no shock that she resigned within two weeks of her hiring. The reasons again are not much different from the previous resignations. Yes, it is again being attributed to Maghan’s controlling nature. It is said that she does not let anyone hold Archie. Even daddy dearest has to respect that. When Meghan’s mother Doria was visiting her from Los Angeles even she was not allowed to hold the baby for more than a few minutes. This made it difficult for the nanny to stay and she had to quit even before the probation period. 

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