Meghan Markle Absent from the Royal Family Summit: Here's the Real Reason

Meghan Markle Absent from the Royal Family Summit: Here's the Real Reason

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle left the world in shock after announcing their stepping away from the royal family. Here’s why she was missing from the emergency meeting

After the shock announcement by Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, there’s no surprises why the royal family has been making headlines on a daily basis this past week. The Queen has given her approval, and the couple is all set to transition into their new lives as they step down as senior members of the royal family. The Queen held a royal family summit to discuss the crisis which the royal family had been engulfed with post their announcement and as well as Kate Middleton, Prince Philip and Prince Charles’ wife, Meghan Markle too was missing from the summit.

While the couple and the royal family are trying to figure out the specifics of their transition and how they will start to lead financially independent lives, Meghan Markle remains in Canada remains in Canada with her son Archie. She chose to skip the royal family summit as she thought it was not necessary for her to attend the meeting. The royal summit was a two-and-a half hour long session after which the Queen gave the couple her blessings to lead their independent lives.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

Prince Harry and Meghna Markle

While the summit, which was scheduled to decide their future outside the royal jurisdiction, was attended by Harry, Meghan was reportedly in Canada with their son. While people speculated various reasons behind Meghan’s absence, Buckingham Palace put all rumours to rest with its latest statement. According to a report by a local daily, the Palace confirmed to UK media outlets that Meghan was not involved because the Duke and Duchess of Sussex decided that it wasn’t necessary for her to join the meeting. However, Prince Harry was constantly in contact with his wife and kept her in the loop during the entire meeting.

And now that the Queen has agreed to let Prince Harry and Meghan Markle go on their independent journey, the Duke is all set to fly out to Canada by the end of this week to join his wife and son. Following the announcement, Meghan Markle had abruptly jetted off to Canada to be with her son. Meanwhile, according to a report by Daily Mail, Meghan’s friend has revealed that the former actress is in no mood to ever come back to live in Britain to live. The friend stated that the Duchess of Sussex does not want to raise Archie in the country, and while she will continue to make extended visits, she will not consider moving back to England. 

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