Meet the Woman who Claims to be Salman Khan's Wife

Meet the Woman who Claims to be Salman Khan's Wife

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Meet the Woman who Claims to be Salman Khan's Wife

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Barely a month after a fan had bequeathed a part of her property to Sanjay Dutt in a will, another obsessive fan behaviour has come to light that has left everybody stunned. A 28-year-old female fan broke into Salman Khan's apartment yesterday claiming to be his wife.

The Bandra Police in Mumbai confirmed the incident and said that the female fan had run away from her home from the suburbs and arrived in Mumbai to meet her husband. The police has also ruled out the fact that the fan is deranged. They have instead said that the fan is super obsessed with Salman Khan. The Mumbai Police got an SOS from the security cover of Salman when the woman breached his security and got till the doors of his apartment and was asking for the door to be opened. As the security tried to convince her to leave the premises, she ran towards the terrace. It was at this point, the Mumbai Fire Brigade Services was called.  It is not clear where the woman finally perched herself but the Fire Brigade could finally bring her down and hand her over to the police.

The woman has now been returned to her family members but according to the police, she still maintains that she is Salman’s wife. Following this incident, Salman has doubled his security.

Salman is currently shooting for Race3 in Abu Dhabi and hence was not there in Mumbai during the incident.

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