Meet Ali Zafar, The Dutiful Husband
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Meet Ali Zafar, The Dutiful Husband

The actor professes his love for his wife

Ali Zafar is the perfect example of a guy who became a star, but is still a common young man at heart! He recently proved to the world that no matter how big a star one becomes, at the end of the day, if an actor is married, he has to be a dutiful husband to his wife!

Reliving a recent embarrassing-yet-appealing moment, he says, “I was performing at a college in Islamabad and the crowd was absolutely electrifying. Coincidentally, while I was on stage, I got a call from my wife. I answered her call and spoke to her in front of the crowd. Initially, she was unaware of the fact that I was performing at an event but later she got to know about this when one of my fans tagged her in a picture where I was answering her call at the concert.”

Now that is some commitment! 

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