Meesha Shafi Always Has A Classic Comeback For The Trolls

Meesha Shafi Always Has A Classic Comeback For The Trolls

Meesha Shafi has been the subject of cyber harassment and trolling on social media since she alleged Ali Zafar of sexual harassment.
Meesha Shafi Always Has A Classic Comeback For The Trolls
Meesha Shafi

Meesha Shafi has been one of the most vital voices in Pakistan with respect to the #MeToo movement. According to the famous singer, actress , and model Meesha Shafi, she was sexually harassed by her colleague Ali Zafar. He categorically denied any such allegations and the matter was taken to the court. While a lot has been said and written about the matter, Meesha Shafi has been the one who has been subjected to a great deal of cyber harassment and trolling since she spoke up.

Unlike Ali Zafar who has mostly shown his vulnerability with respect to the issue, Meesha Shafi has always stood up like a rock. Be it a television interview where he broke into tears or another interview where Meesha Shafi strongly presented her case, the difference between both of them has been stark and distinct. The interesting part is that despite constant bullying and trolling on the internet Meesha Shafi has not lost her humor. Her comebacks at the haters and trolls are always hilarious and sassy.

Here are a few instances where Meesha Safi proved she was there to stay and beat all the odds.

Meesha Shafi had a classic comeback for a troll hinting at Ali Zafar crying on the television.

Lame jokes do not sit well with the sass queen.

Ouch! This hit well in place.

Sometimes trolling comes as an inspiration from the soap serials dramatizing everything.

Correcting the facts is important most of the time.

How many chances do people need to wake up?

Meesh Shafi suggested a troll to get a bad picture of hers if he wanted to shame her for her look.

In Pakistan, it is is never easy for a woman to stand up and speak against sexual harassment especially if the next party is powerful. Although Meesha Shafi was also not an ordinary person, her case showed how difficult it must have been for the ones who do not even have a strong personality or background. Meesha Shafi’s mother Saba Hameed fully supported her daughter in the court even putting her own work and relations with the fraternity at risk. According to Meesha Shafi, although she and her family have greatly suffered since she came out they will still stand by the moral stance.

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