Meera Mitun calls out Aishwarya Rajesh for being a ‘copy and nepotism product'

Meera Mitun calls out Aishwarya Rajesh for being a ‘copy and nepotism product'

The outspoken Big Boss 3 contestant has fired out more controversial tweets

Big Boss 3 contestant Meera Mitun is known for her controversial tweets. In the past the model-actress has targeted Thalapathy Vijay, Rajinikanth and Trisha Krishnan with aggressive tweets.

Once again Meera has taken to Twitter to share her opinions on actress Aishwarya Rajesh. She wrote, "Copycat @aishu_dil be on ur own don’t copy me and try to grab mainstream roles??.Yes #Nepotism kills talents. Well am a proud #Nepotism survivor actually #nepotism achiever, made it big, every tom dick and harry of Kollywood industry knows it very well! Yes she’s Telugu lady cheating everyone as Tamilian, also acting as a normal next door woman creating sympathy that she came through hard work and struggle cheating all Tamilians, well the fact she s a #Nepotism product ! Whatta new technique to cheat! @aishu_dil."

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Before Aishwarya, Meera had targeted Trisha Krishnan, Rajinikanth and Thalapathy Vijay on Twitter, writing, "TN boycotted me, thanks for the same that’s why I am a supermodel now, opened nationally, internationally. Also kollywood against me, that’s why am in Bollywood & Hollywood. But What I don't understand is Why is TN still behind my ass, talking (harassing) about me is their only Job?!...I won't hesitate to take it legally on cyberbullying woman harassment Act! God is watching??️”

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