Meera Chopra, Priyanka’s Less Famous Cousin Breaks Through With Section 375
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Meera Chopra, Priyanka’s Less Famous Cousin Breaks Through With Section 375

Meera Chopra talks about her role in Section 375 and how it has made a difference to her career

In a breakthrough performance, the  pretty Meera Chopra has finally made an impact as a rape survivor in Ajay Bahl’s  Section 375. Meera couldn’t be more relieved. “It’s been  a long and difficult wait for me. I was called for an audition to play the rape survivor named Anjali Dangle. When I heard the role I just wanted to grab it. I had to go through five rounds of looks tests before the role was offered to me.”

Meera has been struggling to make a place  for herself. “It seems like an endless struggle. Just because  I look a certain way, I  was getting only those kind of roles where I just had to look hot and glamorous. And I kept rejecting them.”

She was warned  about  her  lack of conformity. “Once a big producer told me that it’s going to be very difficult for me because  I  am saying ‘no’ to roles that would suit me the best, and he was offering me an erotic film. It was very difficult to break that stereotype. It’s not easy to say no to work when you  have absolutely no work. But I had faith in myself, which kept me going.”

Did Meera  have any reservations about playing the rape survivor specially since her character has to deal with many levels of violation? “You know, that’s the reality of the society we’re  living in. There is such a huge stigma attached with this crime. Why is a girl shunned when  she’s raped? What wrong has she done? In fact rape survivors should be supported so that they can fight their battle confidently. No, I had no reservations about playing the rape survivor  because  I  always knew I was in safe hands. Ajay sir (director Ajay Bahl) is extremely sensitive and he’s got a very deep understanding of human psychology. So I knew he would make my journey easier.”

In one sequence, Meera’s character is shown being grilled by a sleazy cop about  the  rape. She still shivers at  the humiliation of  the rape survivor in  the hands of  the  law.  “When I read that scene for the first time I had goosebumps and I felt really angry. Why is this a normal procedure of investigation? No weak-hearted person can go through this. Only somebody who is very strong can bare her soul about her  predicament over and  over again.”

  It  was not easy  for Meera. “It was extremely tough. On a  humane level when I think that every girl who is fighting for  justice, must have gone through this extremely disgusting so-called procedure, I  get very agitated. See, right  now also talking about it is making me angry.”

As a  struggler  in Bollywood, Meera  has faced her  own   quota  of  predatory  behaviour.  She admits, “I think every new girl that comes to this industry has faced predatory behaviour. You meet all kinds  who will call you  for late-night dinners. They will give hints to your manager, they will start harassing you  on whatsapp. Even I’ve faced all that. And that is why I was so hellbent on doing  Section 375. I genuinely feel women are not safe in their work environment. There is a  huge power-play. It’s  about-time these predators got scared before approaching  women.”

bout her  cousins  Priyanka and Parineeti racing ahead of her Meera says, “I really don’t have an answer for this. I don’t belong to any camp either. Neither am I a social butterfly to do my social  networking  and make contacts which is very important here. It’s been four  years in Mumbai now and I still don’t have any friends, so you can imagine!”

But things are  looking up for Meera. “I’ve just started shooting for an Amazon show called Kamathipura. It’s on the subject  of   prostitution. I play a cop who’s solving some murder cases which occur when girls oppose  sex slavery. Even Kamathipura is based on real cases.”

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