Maya Ali Exclusive: 'Sheheryar Munawar is the Hottest Actor I Have Worked With
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Maya Ali Exclusive: 'Sheheryar Munawar is the Hottest Actor I Have Worked With

Maya Ali, who will be seen in the upcoming romcom 'Parey Hut Love' with Sheheryar Munawar

Maya Ali made a huge impression in last year's blockbuster Teefa in Trouble. It looks like the actress could be repeating the act this year too with her upcoming release, Parey Hut Love, a rom-com set in the world of big, fat weddings. So what makes this role so special for her? Hear it from the pretty Maya herself!  

What were the films you grew up watching? When did you decide to be an actress?

I am a massive fan of Bollywood films and I have watched almost every Karan Johar’s film while growing up, so you can imagine how filmy I am! I never ever thought I’ll become an actress but when something is destined for you, it’s bound to happen, so it happened all of sudden. It was never planned...

How was it working with Sheheryar in this film? Any fun moments or incidents during the shoot that you would like to share?
Working with Sheheryar was a blessing, I had never thought that the work will be completed so easily. He gives you your required space and makes you feel comfortable so you can deliver your best. As an actor I couldn’t have asked for a better co-actor... I had so many memorable moments. But yes, we had to shoot for a song and there was a moment when we were in an old cinema. Now, Sheheryar has a serious bird phobia so there was a pigeon that had to fly between us and I knew that it won’t frighten me but Sheheryar would definitely freak out. But as soon as the director said ‘action’ and the pigeon appeared, Sheheryar was perfectly fine! I was the one who ran across to Sheheryar... This happened at least 10 times because of me and during that time that I realised what a brilliant actor he is!

Maya Ali Exclusive: 'Sheheryar Munawar is the Hottest Actor I Have Worked With

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What are your expectations from Parey Hut Love? How is it different from the films you have done so far?
I have done two films so far and this film is totally different from my last release Teefa in Trouble. The genre is different and both my characters are very different from one another as well. I am glad I got a chance to do different characters in both films.. Teefa in Trouble was an comedy-action and this is a classic romance with all the emotions and elements you associate with the genre.

Films or television - which medium do you prefer?
I enjoyed doing a film more, because this medium is larger than life and you have to act according to it. In a drama, you have more scope to perform because there are so many episodes and scenes that can go on and on. As an actor, you can even improve your performance but in a film, you have only a limited number of scenes to make an impact. So every scene is crucial. .

What is your dream role?
When I watched Black I was amazed by Rani Mukherji’s character and it was stuck in my head  though I wasn’t an actor at the time. Now I really want to play that kind of a character which is unusual...

Is there any role you have seen lately that you wished you could have done?
To be very honest, no. I firmly believe that whoever plays whichever character, it’s meant for them...

Have ever been approached by Bollywood? Would you consider it? Who would you like to star opposite in Bollywood?
Yes I have been approached for Akshay Kumar’s film and I even went to India for an audition and everything was decided but because of some issues it couldn’t go ahead. I think an actor has no boundaries, they just have to perform whether it’s in their own country or somewhere else. Among actors, I really like Ranveer Singh’s energy so if ever an opportunity arises, hopefully it will be with Ranveer.

What are your current projects?
I have just completed Parey Hut Love and there are some projects in the pipe line so after the promotions I’ll pick one.

What is your favourite wedding film in Bollywood, Hollywood and Lollywood?
My all-time favourite, Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge and of course Parey Hut Love and 27 Dresses...

What kind of bride would you make for, if you were to get married?
Hahaha I think I’d be a very traditional bride, I love mehndi, the colour red and jeweller, so when that time comes I will be a proper traditional bride...

Who’s the hottest actor you have worked with so far?
Without any doubt, Sheheryar Munawar...

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