Mawra Hocane and Adeel Hussain Starrer Daasi, Episode 4: Aahil and Suhani’s Love Story Begins
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Mawra Hocane and Adeel Hussain Starrer Daasi, Episode 4: Aahil and Suhani’s Love Story Begins

In Mawra Hocane and Adeel Hussain’s show on Hum TV, their characters warm up to each other after Suhani’s mother has an accident

Hum TV’s Daasi, starring Mawra Hocane and Adeel Hussain in lead roles, has taken its time building up the relationship between its lead characters.  The first episode began on a serious note with Aahil’s (Adeel Hussain) father’s death, along with the fractured relationship he shares with his mother, Rubaab (Hina Bayat).  The story went on to focus on character development, focusing not only on Aahil, but introducing Sunehri (Mawra Hocane), a bubbly, lively girl living in a small neighborhood with her mother.  We were also introduced to her best friend Aaliyah (Faryal Mehmood), as well as Aahil’s best friend Aadil (Furqan Qureshi) and Mujtaba (Mohsin Ejaz), Sunehri’s cousin.  Since then, the last two episodes have dealt with Aahil and Sunehri’s banter, bickering and pranking each other while Aahil lives in Sunehri’s house as a tenant.  While the last two episodes were not particularly eventful, episode 4 manages to pick up the pace. 

In episode 4, Mujtaba rushes to the aid of Sunehri’s mother and transports her to the hospital after witnessing her accident.  Receiving the call while with Aahil, Sunehri is worried and Aahil takes her to the hospital.  Proving to be a good person, Aahil not only steps up to help Sunehri and her mother during this time of need, he also donates his blood to save her mother’s life.  During this, Mujtaba makes his displeasure known to Aadil, telling him to inform his friend to focus on his work rather than social work.  In Sunehri and her mother’s absence, Aaliyah makes breakfast for Aahil, but he kindly tries to brush her off.  It’s evident that Aaliyah has a crush on Aahil, which will become complicated seeing that Sunehri is now developing a liking for Aahil herself. 

After Aahil’s help, Sunehri realizes that she made a mistake in judging Aahil and puts together his lunch, taking it upstairs on a tray and delivering it to him.  Aahil happily eats it, knowing that Sunehri brought it for him. 

Running parallel to this is Rubaab’s need to find Aahil and bring him home.  While Rubaab wants her son home, she also has a less-than-noble reason to want him back – she needs Aahil to be present in order to have her husband’s will read.  After spotting Aahil in the hospital, she tries to persuade him to come home.  Tauqeer (Adnan Jaffer) does his best to persuade Rubaab to forget about Aahil, having ulterior motives – he possibly wants Rubaab’s inheritance to himself?  Regardless, when Rubaab meets Aahil, he spots Tauqeer and immediately walks away.  Later, when Rubaab finds him in his new environment, she asks him to come home and start afresh – but Aahil is not ready to forgive.  Rubaab tells Tauqeer that she’s now determined to bring Aahil home.  She shows up at Sunehri’s door in the last scene.

While Daasi has been slow overall in the last 3 episodes, episode 4 really does pick up.  Several things happen in this episode, including Sunehri warming up to Aahil and realizing he’s a good guy after all.  The love story being the highlight, it will be fun to continue to watch Aahil and Sunehri’s love story.  But what role will Rubaab play in this love story – that of a villain?  And how will Aaliyah react to this new budding love story?  There are many angles to explore here and with “Daasi” now being interesting, all eyes are on the episode for next week!

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