Mawra Hocane and Adeel Hussain Starrer Daasi, Episode 3: Tragedy Befalls Sunehri’s Family
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Mawra Hocane and Adeel Hussain Starrer Daasi, Episode 3: Tragedy Befalls Sunehri’s Family

Touted as a light-hearted show, will Sunehri’s world collapse around her after her mother is stuck in an accident?

Aahil and Sunehri have been at loggerheads since the first episode of Daasi.  With Aahil staying in Sunehri’s house as a tenant, the stage has been set for romance.  But with Sunehri’s severe dislike and mistrust of Aahil, watching this love story unfold will be entertaining to watch.  While Mawra Hocane’s Sunehri is a bit over the top and loud, Adeel’s Aahil balances her out and is somehow creating a different sort of chemistry.  At the end of episode two, Sunehri promised to get revenge on Aahil for refusing to open the door for her. Let’s discuss episode 3. 

In an attempt to get revenge against Aahil (Adeel Hussain), Sunehri (Mawra Hocane) burns mirchi (peppers) in a pot and leaves it in his room while Aahil is sleeping.  While Aahil finds the mirchi and throws them out, Sunehri finds Aahil’s “dead body” the next morning.  Sunehri and Aahil continue their chain of payback, each trying to outdo the other.  However when Sunehri fails her exams and gets a supply in math, her mother recruits Aahil to tutor her.  While this plot point does come across as rather forced, it serves its purpose in bringing Sunehri and Aahil together, allowing them the time to get to know each other – before they eventually fall in love. 

Aahil’s mother, Rubaab (Hina Bayat), discusses her legal issues with Tauqeer (Adnan Jaffer), who seems to be a negative influence in Rubaab’s life.  While he may love her, he seems to do his best to put doubt in Rubaab’s heart in regards to her son. Rather than encouraging Rubaab to make amends with her son, Tauqeer seems to be intentionally creating distance between the two – and it seems likely that Tauqeer did this while Rubaab’s husband was alive as well, purposely deepening the divide between the couple.  It will be interesting to see how this story unfolds, especially seeing as how viewers are still unaware of the details surrounding Aahil’s parents and their falling out. 

Aaliyah (Faryal Mehmood) spots Aahil while hanging laundry and develops a crush on him, unaware of Aadil (Furqan Qureshi) admiring her from afar. Later, Aaliyah expresses her interest in Aahil to Sunehri, who brushes it off.  This will set the stage for conflict not only between Aaliyah and Sunehri in the future, but also between Aadil and Aahil as viewers are aware of how much Aadil likes Aaliyah. 

Mujtaba (Mohsin Ejaz) witnesses Sunehri’s mother getting hit by a car in the bazaar and waits with her while the ambulance comes.  The episode ends here. While Mujtaba is seen as a soon-to-be negative character, it must be said that he seems to be loyal to Sunehri’s family and shows concern for her mother (his Khala).  It goes without say that his character will be painted in a negative light soon enough, but up until now, Mujtaba is a very likable character and Mohsin Ejaz has done a great job making Mujtaba an entertaining character to watch. 

The final scene of this episode comes across as heavy, especially considering the show has consistently been described as light-hearted and romantic.  And while the promos have shown a lot that contradicts this description, viewers continue to hope that the show avoids the tried and tested, miserable plot devices. Hopefully Sunehri’s mother will make a full recovery and the show can continue on a route that doesn’t involve multiple deaths and misery.  

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