Mawra Hocane and Adeel Hussain Continue Bickering in Daasi Episode 2
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Mawra Hocane and Adeel Hussain Continue Bickering in Daasi Episode 2

In Mawra Hocane and Adeel Hussain’s “Daasi,” their characters cannot seem to get along, despite now sharing a living space

Daasi” is described as a light-hearted tale that focuses on the residents in a middle-class neighborhood, telling their stories and depicting the way of life in this small area.  With two episodes down, at present, this description is accurate.  However, as viewers always learn to expect, the promos and teasers for the show have already revealed that the show will take a darker turn at some point with taunts of acid attacks, forced marriages, betrayal and separation eventually unfolding.  The current pace is, however, entertaining and brings a smile to the viewer’s face, which leaves the viewer to wonder – for how long?

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In episode 3, Aahil (Adeel Hussain) and Sunehri (Mawra Hocane) come face to face when Aahil ends up being Sunehri’s mother’s tenant.  Sunehri immediately begins to attack Aahil, loudly insulting him and protesting his stay there, but her mother quickly tells her to keep quiet and takes Aahil upstairs to his room.  Sunehri continues to make Aahil’s first day in the house difficult by doing little, irritating things (like giving him bad chai) in the hopes that he will leave.  She later raids his room, believing him to be a crook and takes a cologne from his luggage to get examined.  Her belief is cemented when it’s confirmed that the cologne is expensive. 

Rubaab, Aahil’s mother, meets with the family lawyer who informs her that Aahil’s father had left behind a will, but both Aahil and Rubaab would haveto be together in order to hear it.  Rubaab visits Tauqeer (Adnan Jaffer), who promises that he will find Aahil for her despite disliking Aahil’s behavior towards his mother.  Rubaab and Tauqeer seem to share a strong, personal relationship, but his disdain for Aahil will most likely be a cause for disillusion in future episodes. Sunehri takes an outfit her mother has stitched as a personal order and wears it to a friend’s wedding.  In retaliation, her mother locks her out of the house and refuses to let her back in.  Sunehri appeals to Aahil for help, but he refuses.  When Sunehri finally reenters the house, she begins to concoct a plan against Aahil. 

Mujtaba continues to be at the receiving end of Sunehri’s moody behavior.  Despite Mujtaba playing the role of an antagonist in the future, at present he is one of the funnier, more entertaining characters on the show.  His banter with Sunehri makes for enjoyable scenes and the dialogue regarding the khussay in this episode is laugh-inducing.  One almost hopes that Mujtaba continues to be a light-hearted character rather than dragging him down the tried-and-tested negative character path. 
Furqan Qureshi does not receive much screen time in this episode, nor does Faryal Mehmood, but the two actors do manage to make their mark in their individual small scenes. 

The actor who plays Mujtaba has screen presence and shares good chemistry with Mawra Hocane, their banter being the highlight of the second episode.  At present, the story is taking its time to unfold and, as necessary with a story like this, the episode focuses more on light-hearted, character building moments to define who our lead actor and actress are as individuals, as well as the influx of side characters.  With two episodes down, the verdict is “so far, so good.”

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