Matthew McConaughey Has A New Role: Professor at the University of Texas in Austin

Matthew McConaughey Has A New Role: Professor at the University of Texas in Austin

Matthew McConaughey has been appointed as a professor at the University of Texas in Austin to teach a class called Script to Screen. Learn more.

University of Texas’ Department of Radio-Television-Film students are in for a treat as Oscar-winning actor Matthew McConaughey will be co-teaching and has designed the curriculum for a class titled Script to Screen. These kind of appointments are made by universities when people do not have a PhD but have the required skills and experience to teach a class. Professor Matthew graduated with a film degree from UT Austin in 1993 and has been a visiting instructor there for four years aleady. He has now been appointed as a professor of practice at Moody College of Communication.

During his class, Matthew will use real-life case studies, drawn from his own films, to provide students with an insider’s perspective on film production. He has included a study of Jeff Nichols’ 2012 drama film Mud, Harmony Korine’s 2019 stoner comedy The Beach Bum and Guy Ritchie’s upcoming crime comedy, The Gentleman, among the case studies. The reading list includes storyboards, script drafts and shot lists, and students also receive guidance on how to pitch and workshop their own film projects.

In an interview he gave to Texas Monthly in 2017, Matthew said that his goal was to simplify the “the seemingly mystical qualities of filmmaking into science.” He also talked about his students, saying, “They ask some menacing questions that remind me of back when I was 20 and I had those same questions.” He said he would have liked to take such a class when he was studying at UT and that when he was in film school, he thought that being “a film director was a dictatorship” and that he was “intimidated by not having the right answer to everything.”  Matthew’s students apparently love him, as evident by the 5.0 rating he has received on the Rate My Professors website.

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