#MasalaTalks: Imran Khan's Ex Wife Reham Khan Dishes on Love, Relationship and Ranveer Singh!

Reham Khan visited Masala!'s office a few weeks ago and chatted about everything NON-political. Watch this video to know more
#MasalaTalks: Imran Khan's Ex Wife Reham Khan Dishes on Love, Relationship and Ranveer Singh!
Reham Khan and Imran Khan

In the Pakistani journalistic, literary and political world, Reham Khan is a name that evokes myriad reactions. Ever since she released her controversial biography Reham,  the ex wife of the current Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, has been in the eye of a storm because of the contentious and shocking revelations she made in the book. But that's not all there is to her. Reham, who is currently based in London, is working on a few interesting projects in the media and social activism.  

When she visited Dubai a few weeks ago, Reham was not in the mood to discuss politics. Instead, we chatted with her on something far more interesting - love and relationships. Having been through some troubled ones of her own (before she met and married Imran, Reham was married to a man named Ijaz Rehman), she had plenty of words of wisdom to share! So what does the fiery Ms Khan have to say about finding true love? Read on...

Reham Khan and love.

Reham says, "Thinking women" can't find love! According to her, it's better to do ji-ji!

Does she follow Bollywood?

Yes. Oh boy, does she follow Bollywood. And guess what? She has some pretty firm favourites too! 

If Reham would have to cast Bollywood actors in a film who would she cast?

She lists Sushmita Sen and Ahsan Khan and Fawad Khan as people she would cast in her film, if she were ever to make one!

What's the worst way a man has approached Reham?

Reham has had her share of bad relationships but has the sense of humour to quip, "I've never been approached! Every time I have been approached by a man, they've asked me to marry them!"

If Reham Khan was on Tinder, what would her bio read? Who does she prefer? Ranbir Kapoor or Ranveer Singh?

Now, this was a tricky one. Guess what her answer was! 

Watch the video to find out: