Masala! Awards 2015: The Starry Line-Up

The celeb quotient at this Masala! Awards is high as ever. Here are some of the names who will light up the night…
Masala! Awards 2015: The Starry Line-Up
No awards night is complete without the requisite glamour quotient. The Masala! Awards is an occasion to honour the biggest achievers in the Asian community and the classy night sees some of the most revered and beautiful names in high society in attendance. However, what makes it extra glamorous are the celebs from Bollywood who fly down especially for the event, sprinkling the city with a generous dose of stardust. This year is no different so get ready for some starry fireworks on November 5, 2015. And this is just the beginning, read for further details on the celebs who will be arriving in style for the Masala! Awards.  
He’s witty, he’s charming and his multi-talented. The stand-up comic and actor’s recent attempt – the ‘potcast’, where he presents his own take on the dominating news headlines in his unique way – has increased his fan following even further. Vir’s pithy and insightful take on politics, cinema and society has won him a lot of admirers and detractors but what makes him different from other actors and comics is that he doesn’t hesitate to speak his mind in these troubled times. Vir was the host of the Masala! Awards 2014 and had the elite audience guffawing to his one-liners and witty repartees. Expect an encore as the host for this year’s edition! 
Her smile is enough to light up a room. Sonakshi Sinha had the debut that actors can only dream of. Few movies have matched the box office record of Dabangg and fewer actresses have made the impact that she did in her first film. It has been a steady rise in her career graph ever since. The hits have followed one after the other and she is one of the queens of the enviable 100-crore club. But Sona is not all big budget entertainers. Lootera is the jewel in her beautiful crown so far where she wowed even the most hard-nosed critics with her acting chops. A complete actress, the spunky Ms Sinha is as comfortable doing the lakta-jhatkas to a Gandi baat as she is baring her soul in a Lootera or Tevar. We can’t wait to see Sonakshi set the stage on fire with her dances at the Masala! Awards. 
Kanika Kapoor is one of the star performers at the Masala! Awards this year and is sure to rock the stage. If you plan to have a Bollywood playlist at your next party, chances are more than half the songs would be a Kanika number. In the last year or two, Kanika has lent her voice to some of the biggest chartbusters of recent times – Baby Doll, Chittiyan Kaliyaan, Lovely, Jugni Di… and more. A trained classical singer, Kanika’s raspy voice has a versatile range which has struck with listeners the world over and has won her a clutch of awards as well.  Not just a singer, Kanika is a fantastic performer too and like a true artiste, takes to the stage like a natural-born performer. 
Farhan Saeed’s soulful voice has been one of the biggest success stories from the Pakistani music scene. The former lead vocalist of the popular band Jal, he has sung in Urdu, Punjabi and English. Farhan is one of the star attractions at the Masala! Awards.  
One of the most prominent names in the Asian media scene in the UAE and a fashion icon, Uma Ghosh Deshpande is the gorgeous name behind super successful shows like High Life Dubai, Top Gun, PropertyScape and The Uma Show. A Masala! Award winner in the past, Uma will add her touch of glamour to the celeb red carpet this year. She will be in conversation with the A-list stars from Bollywood and engage them in a way only she can.