Masala! Awards 2014: Bollywood Debut of the Year: Fawad Khan

Masala! Awards 2014: Bollywood Debut of the Year: Fawad Khan

The Pakistani actor is on his way to become the next big thing in Bollywood
Masala! Awards 2014: Bollywood Debut of the Year: Fawad Khan
Fawad Khan

Fawad Khan hit Bollywood with a force that had not been seen in Hindi cinema for a long while. When the film hit the theatres he was known just as the actor from Zindagi Gulzar Hai and Humsafar. But after the first show, the reactions transformed from ‘who’s that guy’ to ‘wow, what a guy’! The last time audiences, especially women, reacted this way to a man appearing shirtless on screen was perhaps when Hrithik Roshan showed off his biceps in Kaho Naa…Pyaar Hai over a decade ago. But Fawad Khan changed all that. Fawning edits were written, ‘serious’ female columnists gushed unabashedly and girls went crazy at just the mere sight of the man who was unofficially crowned the sex symbol of the sub-continent. However, one fact remained unchanged amidst the craze – that he is excellent actor who has the ability to get under the skin of any role he inhabited. His performance in Khuda Ke Liye and the aforementioned TV shows are proof enough of his talent in front of the camera. Currently he is being wooed by the who’s who of Bollywood as he takes his time to sign more films. Until then, the singer-actor is basking in the appreciation that is still coming his way for Khoobsurat, beginning with the Masala! Award for Best Debut. 

You create a sensation wherever you go. How do you handle the attention from all the women out there?  

What can I say? I am simply floored by the response of the audience. It’s difficult to answer this question because I have no words to describe this feeling. All I can say is that I am honoured and humbled. 

Do you think the frenzy is too much or too soon? 

Too much? I guess for an actor, it’s never too much! Too soon? Well, I’d say it’s always too late! To be honest, it’s been a tremendous experience and journey so far. Even to get to this level is quite a high for me. It’s a big thing to have even five people appreciating your work but the sheer volume and magnitude of response is awe-inducing. As I said before, it’s difficult to describe it. So I’d only say the two most clichéd words – Thank you! 

The first film is over, now the pressure will on you to select the next one correctly. At this stage, how would you select a script? 

Wow, just by mentioning the pressure, you have made it more difficult! There are ups and downs in every actor’s life and I am no different from anyone else. For me, having reached this far is an accomplishment. I am not quite greedy when it comes to trying to maintain a certain position or staying on a mantle (even if I am there!). So be it the second or the third film, a TV show or a big-budget movie, no project is big or small. It’s always a challenge to impress the audience. I believe in the saying that competing with yourself makes you better, competing with yourself makes you bitter.
I am trying to compete with myself. But the results are in the hands of the audience. It is a gamble indeed but I am willing to play it. It will be difficult to make a good choice but whenever I do so, I will stand by it. 

You are now making it to all the ‘hot’ lists in the industry. Your reactions?  

I am embarrassed! It’s very kind of the audience but I have always felt there are so many better looking men out there than me. But if I get noticed and make an impact through my work, that would be greater. If I can do it, it’s possible for anyone to do so.