Manoj Bajpayee Opens Up About His Biggest Pet Peeve
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Manoj Bajpayee Opens Up About His Biggest Pet Peeve

Manoj Bajpayee shared he cannot stand one thing: The box office question! He revealed he makes films for himself and his fans and not for the number of numbers it will rake in

Actor Manoj Bajpayee recently bagged the Asia Pacific Screen Award for Best Performance for Bhonsle. While this milestone is an achievement in itself, the veteran was thrilled to share the news. He then went on to say that self-belief and conviction is what helped him to power his way through the struggles that came with making the film. Bajpayee clarified that he did not expect to receive the honour and it means more than anything to him. 

“I don’t think it can get bigger than this in this part of the world. It’s quite unbelievable. Three-time nominations — that in itself gave me a sense of achievement. The person who was nominated alongside me was actor Naved from Iran. He, too, was nominated for the third time. I was very excited and nervous that such a great actor and other performances were nominated alongside me,” he told Hindustan Times.

He continued, “I did not expect it. It’s a big deal for me and the entire team. Bhonsle, like many small, non-masala films, has been screened at various film festivals before its release back home. It has gone to all festivals, and done its round. It concluded so hugely here. We are planning to release it next year.”

Bajpayee then shared that he makes films for himself and his fans and cannot tolerate the question of box office collections. “Not everything is about box office,” Manoj he said, adding, “Those associated with this film don’t think about box office that much. This question annoys me, because our job is to create a story which is engaging, informing, and prompts people to ask questions. I am sure people who go to the theatre for Bhonsle will love it.”

When asked how much he values these awards, Bajpayee stated, “They do matter, if they are increasing your value or credibility, or adding value to the film. In Bhonsle’s and my case, it has done wonders. Check social media. So much buzz has been generated, and congratulatory messages are going around. It seems that people are aware of the film. They are happy and proud that an Indian film has won on such a big stage.”

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