Manisha Koirala Wants to Adopt, But Unsure About A Husband!
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Manisha Koirala Wants to Adopt, But Unsure About A Husband!

The cancer survivor and talented actress on her plans on adopting children and having a family...

Actress Manisha Koirala is relieved that finally her film Chehre will soon be seeing the light of day. The talented Bombay actress who was away on a long break from the industry following her battle with cancer, has only one agenda on the cards now: to get past the third year cancer-free. The actress who lives alone in a sprawling five-bedroom penthouse admits that she had bought it with the idea of sharing it with her husband and kids.

In an article in, the actress opens up and says, "The day I know I'm cured, I want to adopt two children, a girl and a boy," though she isnt quite sure if she wants a husband! She says," I have certain expectations and I'm not sure they'll be met. If they are, I may marry but for now, the sense of family comes from adoption. Hopefully, next year."

The Nepali beauty who has been an inspirational role model in her fight against cancer asserts that now she is keen on finishing her projects and doing meaningful work. She says, "In the past, I made some bad choices, but today, time is precious and I don't want to waste it on substandard work."


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