Manish Malhotra’s Designs Uniform for Mumbai Mounted Police. Here's What Twitter Had to Say
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Manish Malhotra’s Designs Uniform for Mumbai Mounted Police. Here's What Twitter Had to Say

Indian Couturier Manish Malhotra was roped in to design a uniform for Mumbai Mounted Police and not everyone is a fan. Here are the reactions that have surfaced online

Designers and couturiers are often asked to collaborate with different platforms, designers and leading celebrities to create limited edition collections or a capsule collection. Case in point, when one of India’s favourite designers, Manish Malhotra, was roped in to create the ceremonial uniform for Mumbai's mounted police unit. While that is quite the ordeal, and Manish Malhotra completed the task, his creation and design has most certainly divided the internet. Why you ask? We’re here to tell you all. After 88 years, Mumbai is all set to get a mounted police unit for traffic and crowd control. Manish Malhotra was asked to design an appropriate uniform for the squad and as he delivered, they took to Twitter and thanked him for his “elegant design”.

“Regal in stature, Formidable in form, the "Mounted Police Unit" returns to Mumbai Police. Thank you @ManishMalhotra for designing such an elegant uniform for our Riders. Our Mounted Unit is sure to make a strong impact during law and order situations,” the tweet read and was shared with a video of the officers in the said uniform.

The uniform is a short sherwani which is hand embroidered with gold threadwork all over the chest and sleeves. The sherwani features strong, exaggerated shoulders and looks regal to say the least. It is paired with the traditional Maratha warrior pagdi with a gold dori wrapped around it and has traditional Indian breeches as a pair of bottoms. The uniform also features a gold sash and a red velvet cummerband that all sums up to be a royal policemen look on the horse, he said. While the uniform is oh so regal  in luxe velvet and grand fabrics, not everyone was left impress with his design. Many took to Twitter to say that the soldiers looked uncomfortable and impractical. Others accused the 53-year-old designer of having a "colonial hangover". Here are some responses to the newly designed uniform by Manish Malhotra.

Many made mention of the fact that Mumbai is a hot city.

“Mumbai ki garmi mein, itna traffic mein, you people are expecting a poor Policeman to dress up like this? Are u guys mad? Malhotra lives in AC apt & travels by AC car. Imagine wearing this costume and controlling a horse on the cement/tar potholes of Mumbai,” penned one user.

There were however some who were all praise for the uniform:

Here are some other responses to the newly-designed uniform:

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