Manikarnika Controversy: Who is Fighting Whom, Read the Entire Story Here
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Manikarnika Controversy: Who is Fighting Whom, Read the Entire Story Here

Apurva Asrani, Krish and Hansal Mehta have spoken against Kangana Ranaut, who has opted to remain silent. However, look who came out to support her!

For the last few months, Kangana Ranaut’s Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi has had to face several controversies - making it one of the most talked-about films of the year so far. Despite the glowing success of the historical at the box office, the actress has found herself at the heart of burning controversies yet again. Firstly, original director Krish Jagarlmudi is furious with her for claiming to have directed 70 per cent of the film. This opened old wounds, and director Apurva Asrani, writer of the movie Simran launched a fresh attack on the actress and said that Kangana “hijacked” Simran too.

Apurva and Kangana had a public falling out over the writing credits during the filming of Hansal Mehta's Simran a couple of years ago. Apurva, referring to behind-the-scene drama that went on during the filming, wrote in a tweet that despite all that happened, it still turned out to be a “flop film”.

Responding to Apurva’s tweet, Alia Bhatt’s mother Soni Razdan asked why ‘Kehtan’ (the senior director Apurva was referring to in his tweet) didn’t speak up when his “passion project” was hijacked years back. The story goes thus: Veteran Ketan Mehta had been trying to make a biopic on Rani Laxmi bai for years and had planned it with Kangana. But when his project did not see light of day, Kangana took it to Krish. Now, in this case, one really can't fault the actress for taking the film to someone else who could execute it. 

Apurva’s tweet received many replies with people either supporting Kangana or criticizing her for her act.

However, Apurva wasn’t done as yet, sharing the clip of Krish’s interview on his Twitter handle. Apurva called Kangana “insecure”, and further added just like Manikarnika, she made Simran all about herself, too, by “deleting other actors' lines.”

Apurva continued his rant, and attacked Simran director Hansal Mehta as well, for keeping silent and not raising any objection. When the Simran row had broken out, Hansal Mehta, a long time collaborator of Apurva, had kept quiet, preferring not to take sides. This had resulted in a huge fallout between Apurva and Hansal. Simran released and flopped and one of the criticisms against it, indeed, was that the movie was all about Kangana. In fact, a similar criticism has been raised about Manikarnika as well.  

Former actor and director Pooja Bhatt then came out to defend Krish and tweeted an apology to Apurva. Apparently, she had been hesitant to support Apurva during the Simran fiasco. 

Finally Hansal Mehta, the filmmaker, who had directed Simran spoke up. He didn't again reveal exactly what went wrong but he spoke about the trauma and how it affected him.

Of course, the interview with Krish, the original director of Manikarnika  is still making headlines. He made some rather strong statements against Kangana.  "We argued but she (Kangana) wanted her own way. I just couldn't understand," he said, adding, "She is rude all the time."

Now, the final player - Kangana's fiery sister Rangoli jumped in. Check out her tweets. 

Queen Kangana herself hasn't spoken out yet about Krish's allegations. But knowing how she gives it back to her detractors, we can be sure, there would be a fierce rebuttal from her. 

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