Mamta Kulkarni's Role in her Husband's Drug Ring Being Investigated
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Mamta Kulkarni's Role in her Husband's Drug Ring Being Investigated

She was allegedly the face of the illegal activities

According to reports, the Thane police, who seized 20 tonnes of ephedrine recently, are investigating reports that actress Mamta Kulkarni is a central figure in the international drug ring that tried to smuggle in the contraband.

The development came as investigators revealed that Mamta's Kenya-based husband, Vicky Goswami, was the kingpin of the drug operation.

"This is an international racket and Vicky Goswami is the main link to it. As for Mamta Kulkarni, we are probing her role," Thane police commissioner Parambir Singh was quoted saying.

Mamta is believed to be in Kenya currently. While senior Thane officers did not divulge details about her role in her husband's drug syndicate, sources in the police said she was the face of the ring.

A Thane police officer who did not want to be named alleged that as Vicky couldn’t leave Kenya because of an Interpol notice against him, he asked Mamta apparently to meet clients in Dubai, Singapore, South Africa and the US.

Allegedly, Mamta also struck business deals with drug networks in Maharashtra, and Vicky used her name to carry out bank transactions. 

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