Mallika Sherawat's Flag Poster Kicks Up a Storm
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Mallika Sherawat's Flag Poster Kicks Up a Storm

Mallika Sherawat is shown wearing a tri-colour sitting atop a car in Dirty Politics poster

Mallika Sherawat is no stranger to controversy. And she has once again courted controversy by appearing in a tri-colour in the poster of her new film Dirty Politics. The poster shows Mallika wrapped in the tri-colour, sitting atop a car with a beacon. Needless to say, the poster has kicked off a huge controversy with some political parties angry at what they perceive to be an insult to the national flag but director KC Bokadia is unperturbed. He says that he will not buckle under pressure and change it. "Some political party from Rajasthan is planning to file a case against me and I got to know about it yesterday when my lawyer briefed me about it," Bokadia, known for producing hits like Pyaar Jhukta Nahin and Janta Ki Adalat, said.

"Our poster has nothing to do with any party and if someone forcibly wants to link his party with our film, then it's not acceptable. The party is claiming that the Congress flag is similar to the one in the poster. In the Congress flag, there is a hand in it and in our flag there is nothing as such. If at all the colour looks similar, it was not intentional at all," he added.

Helmed by Bokadia, the film is based on the Bhanwari Devi sex scandal, and the cast features some of the best actors from Hindi filmdom - Om Puri, Naseeruddin Shah, Anupam Kher, Jackie Shroff, Ashutosh Rana and Rajpal Yadav. "People are targeting our film because they don't want us to release the film. There should be a valid reason to change the poster... I am not going to change the poster of my film under any pressure. There should be a solid convincing reason to change it," said Bokadia.

 However Mallika isn’t the only one who has had a controversial brush with the Indian flag. Back in 2000, designer Malini Ramani also landed in trouble when she donned a flag dress. She showed her design skills by using horizontal strips of orange, white and green and a blue wheel - all similar to the Indian flag. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the creativity of the designer that became a topic of discussion but the fact that she allegedly dishonoured the national flag, according to some.

A few years later, actress and host Mandira Bedi’s attire came under fire when she chose to wear a flag-themed sari. While hosting one of the cricket matches, Mandira was seen wearing a sari that had national flags of all the countries, which participated in the tournament. There was an image of the tri-colour that was apparently positioned in a disrespectful manner - below the knee. This angered many.

Tennis player Sania Mirza didn’t dare to wear the tri-colour, but she found herself in the flag controversy, thanks to smart photography. Mirza was pictured sitting with her bare feet that appeared to rest on a table next to an Indian flag. As many saw this as an act of showing disrespect to the Indian flag, she had even thought of giving up playing tennis to show her respect to the national flag.

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