Mallika Sherawat to Return to India?
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Mallika Sherawat to Return to India?

Mallika Sherawat was last in the news for allegedly not being able to pay her rent in Paris where she had been based for a while

Mallika Sherawat -- who was in the news recently for not paying her rent in Paris and her lawyer admitted in the court that she is having financial troubles -- is perhaps coming back to India. The actress has announced that she will be extensively campaigning for veganism in India, something she has already done before. Many are pointing out that Mallika is preparing grounds come back to India.  “Veganism is not a fad, it’s a healthy, lifestyle choice,” Sherawat explained, according to Simply Cinema. “I have a lot of plans to promote veganism in India. I’m joining hands with a friend’s restaurant to introduce vegan offerings to the Indian palate. I plan to rope in international chefs to whip up some delicious dishes. Once people see how nutritious and delicious vegan food can be, they’ll switch to a healthier dairy-free lifestyle.”

However, Mallika has campaigned for Peta before and those campaigns have received a tepid response. Mallika doesn't have an announced Bollywood project. The last one was with Om Puri called Dirty Politics.

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