Malala Would Skip School for Greta Thunberg

Malala Would Skip School for Greta Thunberg

Malala and Greta Thunberg finally met each other at the former’s alma mater, Oxford University

It’s no surprise that teen activists Malala Yousafzai and Greta Thunberg are some of the most famous in the world. The two have often lauded each other and appreciated each other’s efforts. However, it was only recently that the two girls finally met and we couldn’t be more excited. Malala took to Instagram to share a photo with Greta, who visited her at her alma mater, Oxford University recently. The two can be seen sitting together on a bench, posing for the camera dressed in boots and looking like a deathly combination that is bound to give you a lesson on climate change or education anytime now.

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Thank you, @gretathunberg.

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In the caption, Malala wrote, “Thank you, Greta Thunberg.” She even tweeted the same picture of the two of them, and added, “She’s the only friend I’d skip school for.” On the other hand, Greta too posted photos of herself with Malala and said, “So... today I met my role model. What else can I say?” Now, isn’t that what woman to woman support is all about! Upon seeing the two together, many reactions followed as fans were also as excited to see them meet for the first time – as we are. UNICEF wrote: “And you're both role models for all of us,” in reply to Greta’s photo. And Malala commented, “I hope you liked Oxford.”

Malala Would Skip School for Greta Thunberg

Malala Would Skip School for Greta Thunberg

Malala Would Skip School for Greta Thunberg

Beatrice Fihn, the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize winner who works to prohibit and eliminate nuclear weapons, commented, “I love this so much! Young women activists are the future.” Genesis Butler, a vegan activist added, “Amazing! Two activists who inspire the world. While you are in Oxford, you should meet up with Dr. Joseph Poore. He is a professor at Oxford and also a climate researcher. He went vegan after discovering how harmful animal agriculture is to the planet.”

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