Malala Biopic Filmmaker Responds to Pakistani PM Imran Khan’s Comments on Indian Cinema
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Malala Biopic Filmmaker Responds to Pakistani PM Imran Khan’s Comments on Indian Cinema

Gul Makai director Amjad Khan shared that Imran Khan should have been a cricket coach instead of a politician

A biopic on Malala Yousafzai – who hails from Pakistan - is all set to hit screens soon. Filmmaker Amjad Khan will be releasing the film named Gul Makai on January 31, however, he did have some comments about the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan. According to Gulf News, Amjad feels that Imran is a good cricketer but poor politician. His comments came in the wake of Imran’s snide about Indian cinema and culture. The PM had recently said that the Indian culture and cinema was responsible for increasing the crime rate in Pakistan.

Amjad who is also Goodwill Ambassador of IIMSAM-UNECOSOC said, "Imran Khan should have been a cricket coach and then the Pakistani cricket team's performance would perhaps have been much better. As a political leader his performance is very poor. He talks like an absolute knucklehead and illiterate. Whatever awareness people in Pakistan have, it is because of Indian culture and films. Films like My Name Is Khan and Lagaan has been instrumental in creating awareness in Pakistan. So, rather than making rubbish comments, Imran Khan should focus on his country's GDP, economic crisis. Recently they got rejected from World Bank. So my humble suggestion to him is that you should mind your own country before you become helpless."

He added, “His government pays 200 million to a man like Mohammad Faziulla, who runs his own radio show where he propagates that girls should not go to school. Because of that a little girl like Malala gets shot in the head. I mean they don't have any shame, and they talk rubbish. Neither Imran Khan nor the country has been able to take care of itself or the people. Malala Yousafzai is from your (Imran's) country. The entire world looks up to her and appreciates her. Now this little girl Malala has been honoured with Nobel Peace Prize. She is a United Nation's peace Ambassador and she is the biggest leader of this decade. Don't you think Imran Khan you should have invited her once, officially?"