Malaika Arora: "We Don't Have to Prove Anything to Anybody"

Malaika Arora: "We Don't Have to Prove Anything to Anybody"

The actress opens up about her relationship status with Arbaaz!
Malaika Arora: "We Don't Have to Prove Anything to Anybody"

Malaika Arora-Khan

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The relationship between ex-couple Malaika Arora and Arbaaz Khan is still being speculated by many people. Are they going to consider a reconciliation? How come they are spotted more together now, after the divorce? Why did they split up to begin with? So many questions, but until now, there was no clarification from either of them.

Malaika, in a recent interview with Mid-Day, put rest to all the rumours, openly clarifying certain questions regarding the duo’s relationship. Speaking of how she’s sealing with the separation she said, “Life has a way of making things fall into place, teaching you and making you stronger. One day you are sitting in your bed and thinking, sh** man! What am I going to do? Everything is just falling apart! You feel like there is no hope and you've reached the end of the road. But then life challenges you. It pushes and tests you, but also prepares you for whatever lies ahead. I definitely feel stronger.”

Arora goes on to speak of how she depends on her friends, who she considers her sounding board. She spoke of how fitness and the beautiful bond she shares with her son Arhaan, has played a big role in helping her heal.

When quizzed about still holding on the Khan surname, Malaika said, “Honestly, it hasn't been a conscious decision. What has to happen will happen organically. Let's see where life takes me.” The actress turned entrepreneur, also put rest to all the speculation around a reconciliation saying that Arbaaz will always remain family. She said, “Certain equations don't change overnight. The things that happened should remain between us. It's personal. We don't have to prove anything to anybody.”

Well, now that’s it clear that the couple have decided to go their own ways, maintaining a cordial relationship, we hope they at least collaborate on a professional level soon. When Malaika was asked whether she would work with Arbaaz in the future, the actress jumped at the prospect saying, “whenever there is something from the Dabangg franchise, I'd do it without batting an eyelid.” Yay!