Malaika Arora Pens Down the Benefits of Chamatkarasana for Her Fans

Malaika Arora Pens Down the Benefits of Chamatkarasana for Her Fans

Malaika Arora is one of the most glamorous personalities in Bollywood who have maintained their charm and youth. She is currently dating the actor Arjun Kapoor
Malaika Arora Pens Down the Benefits of Chamatkarasana for Her Fans
Malaika Arora

Malaika Arora has been a glam queen since she started modeling. Time has done no bad to the diva with time. In fact, Malaika Arora looks better than ever now. She credits her yoga routine and healthy eating habits to her evergreen youth. Malaika Arora is an avid yoga who has opened up her own yoga studio as well. She often posts her pictures in the most difficult yoga poses inspiring her followers and fans to take care of their health the way she does.

According to Malaika Arora, ‘We truly do believe in miracles. But miracles don't happen overnight, they take time, they take effort and they need for us to be open, but they are not impossible.’

Hence hard work is always the key to success. Malaika Arora recent posted a picture performing the Chamatkarasana in her own yoga studio. She also called it the miracle asana and urged her followers to go for it.

According to Malaika Arora,

‘It truly is a miracle asana, which helps in both physical and psychological benefits.
1. It meticulously combines the back bend and single hand balance.
2. Physically, it opens the chest, shoulders and throat.
3. Opens the hips and hip flexors.
4. Stretches and strengthens the back.
5. It cultivates feelings of universal love and acceptance.’

Malaika Arora who often speaks about positive vibes and energy penned down a gratitude message for her followers.

‘Here's my gratitude message for you today, "May all beings everywhere be happy and free, and may the thoughts, words, and actions of my own life contribute in some way to that happiness and to that freedom for all.”Hello Universe, Hello new week!’

On the work front, Malaika Arora is currently touring the US . She performed in Boston last night and was greatly appreciated by her fans in the US. Malaika Arora started her career with modeling but was never interested in acting. Although her sister Amrita Arora and ex-husband Arbaaz Khan both were associated with films, Malaika Arora clearly knew her strengths. She remained focused on dancing and other endeavors.