Malaika Arora On Arjun Kapoor: 'Everybody Wants to Move On to Find Love and Companionship'
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Malaika Arora On Arjun Kapoor: 'Everybody Wants to Move On to Find Love and Companionship'

Malaika Arora appeared on a chat show with Anupama Chopra where she talked about item numbers, Arjun Kapoor and being a celebrity brand.

Malaika Arora sat down with Anupama Chopra and answered some relevant questions. Anupama Chopra asked about various facts of life, building herself as a brand, divorce, item numbers, bringing up a young teenage son and dating younger man Arjun Kapoor.

Malaika Arora's Relationship with Arjun Kapoor:

“Oh God,” Malaika said laughing as Anupama asked her about 'the elephant in the room'. “This is all media-made.” Malaika followed it up with, “everybody wants to move on to find love and companionship, people they can relate to. If you do, you’re just lucky. To get another chance at being happy.”

Malaika Arora and Item Numbers:

In a response to her work in 'item numbers', Anupama pointed out that we're all living in a post-item song world. "Whenever I did a song, I didn’t do it under duress," said Malaika. "If I wasn’t comfortable, I would say it. I’m not stupid. I was well-aware of what it was. Most of them were tongue and cheek. I don’t think my songs were vulgar. Things have changed a lot. I come from a different school of thought. I think if you have you are able to tackle things in the right space."

"I’m not gonna stand over here and I’ll say ban all these item songs," said Malaika. "I do have a problem with the terminology. I’ll slap someone who calls me 'aray kia item hai.’ But this is part of our films. Why should we stop this, something that has been a part of our culture, just because there is a new wave of thinking?"

Never wanting to be an actress:

How come Malaika never pursued acting? "Acting was too demanding, too time-consuming," says Malaika shaking her head. "It was never really my thing. I just love to dance. Acting in a film scared the living daylights out of me!"

Social Media and Paparazzi:

Malaika Arora's gym looks are a popular subject for paparazzi. Answering Anupama's questions, Malaika said, "In today’s day and age social media plays such a huge part – it’s so integral. I have no complaints (about the paparazzi), as long as they’re respectful I don’t have a problem. I’m a little more careful about it because I know I’m going to get trolled or abused for (my looks). I take a little extra effort to run the comb through my hair."

About Being a Brand:

Anupama asked Malaika if she had actually given thought to how she had been able to do all that Malaika has done in the two decades of being in the business. "If I sit down and strategize, I’ll be a mess," said Malaika. "I’m one of the few people who have survived really long for any woman in the business. I’ve not given it too much thought. Work hard and dividends will come."

Watch the full interview here.

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