Malaika Arora Mobbed by Fans, Video Gone Viral

Social media users jumped in the comments to support Malaika Arora and bash unruly behaviour of the fans
Malaika Arora Mobbed by Fans, Video Gone Viral
Malaika Arora being mobbed at a shopping centre

Celebrities are hot, hot and way too hot. They are all over our media news coverage, from those glossy magazine covers to tabloids and celebrity gossip blogs and fan pages. There really is nowhere safe for a celeb, especially if you have a raving fan base who are just oh so smitten by them. It is understandable that any dedicated fan girl or boy would lose their calm in the presence of their favourite stars. However, there is a huge difference between having a meltdown and asking politely for a selfie and transforming into a complete psychopath and pushing your fave to get a selfie. Unfortunately, sometimes fans with the best intentions tend to take things too far.

Yesterday, Malaika Arora was mobbed by fans at a shopping centre. A video of Malaika being mobbed by fans, who insisted on taking selfies with her regardless of her reluctance, is doing the rounds on the internet. In the video, you can see Malaika with her father Anil Arora at a shopping centre, when she got concerned by her fans. Initially, the actress stopped and posed for the cameras but soon she had to dodge the crowd of fans as they insisted on taking more pictures. The actress quickly exited the mall and got into her car.

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This inconsiderable behaviour of fans was slammed by netizens, as one said, “Godddd what is wrong with people they won’t even let her walk. No wonder celebs goes abroad for holidays”

Another user added, They are also humans...they need space too.... We SHOULD be always in our limits.... I guess dats why few celebs storm on this reckless people.....”

More came out to bash the unruly behaviour of fans:

“What’s wrong with people? Such cheapsters should be taught a lesson...else you never know what level they can reach to. Their faces are public now...police should take an action," said a social media user.

“Tameez nhi hai inlogo Ko bus chance marna," added a fan.

“So sad .. they need to maintain some distance .. loved the way Malaika handle these crazy fans," one user commented.

“This is completely rediculous . People should not react like that with female . They are really making her uncomforatble. People use your mind what you doing,” another fan added.

“This is not right. They just annoying her.its not good behaviour.People should have minimum respect to her," said a fan in the comments.

Meanwhile, Malaika Arora is at the centre of headlines yet again, for her reported relationship with Arjun Kapoor. Ehile the two never made it official, it was during the screening of India’s Most Wanted that the duo walked hand in hand and also posed for the paparazzi. While the pictures did not come across as a huge surprise since there have been constant rumours about the two, making it official in the media on such an important occasion is sure a big step.

On the work front, Arjun will be seen in India's Most Wanted, a gritty thriller about terrorism.