Malaal E Yaar: A Summary Of The Show To Date
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Malaal E Yaar: A Summary Of The Show To Date

Hum TV’s “Malaal E Yaar” is a dramatic, Ekta Kapoor-inspired story dealing with the romance of a feudal lord.

“Malaal E Yaar” is Hum TV’s latest offering, filling in the time slot of Meer Abru, a show that garnered great ratings and viewership. “Malaal E Yaar” is, therefore, set to fill rather large shoes in terms of offering another great romance to viewers. What “Meer Abru” and “Malaal E Yaar” have in common though is their striking similarity to Indian television serials, namely Ekta Kapoor shows, complete with dramatic lighting, flashes, background music and overtly sexist male lead characters.

The story of “Malaal E Yaar” essentially revolves around the feudal system in which landowners wield power and control all matters in their areas. In this show, the feudal lord in “power” is Malik Sarkar, played by Jahanzeb Gurchani. His heir is Malik Balaj, played by Zain Baig, a character that is all to happy in his role as landowner and uses his power to hold over others, making them feel less than, as depicted in the first episode when he hits an old man with his car and then blames the man for not watching the road while crossing. He meets Hooriya, played by Azekah Daniel, at this time when she comes to the old man’s aid and forces Malik Balaj to take responsibility for his actions, which angers Malik Balaj.

Malik Sarkar’s younger brother is Wahaj Sarkar, played by Sohail Sameer, a man who has two wives, but lost one due to his feudal lord background. Unable to deal with the behavior and mentality that came with her husband’s family and background, Wahaj’s first wife Samreen (Humera Bano) left her husband, along with her two daughters – Hooriya and Minhal. Wahaj continues to mourn his inability to defend his family and sends money for his daughters regularly. His second wife, Saeeda (Natasha Ali), is unable to conceive, which makes Wahaj miss his daughters even more.

Hooriya is a modern, young, carefree girl who knows what she wants and has sound morals. She’s involved with Danish, played by Hamza Firdous, who is unfortunately unable to convince his mother of the match, as she wants a quiet, soft-spoken daughter-in-law. Unfortunately, Danish’s mother plays spoilsport in this relationship and hatches a plan to take Danish’s proposal to Hooriya’s house, but asks for Hooriya’s sister’s hand for her son instead. This infuriates Hooriya’s entire family and Hooriya and Danish’s relationship seems to have come to a close, despite attempts from Danish to set the record straight.

Unknown to both Malik Balaj and Hooriya, their engagement was sealed in their childhood and Malik Sarkar continues to hold that deal close to his heart, now believing it’s time to get the children married.

While the show is interesting to an extent, overall, “Malaal E Yaar” has a horrible hangover of several Indian serials combined. It also seems to feed unreal, unrealistic scenarios from the get-go. In episode 1 alone, Hooriya and Malik Balaj are “forced” to spent time together when Hooriya “drags” Malik Balaj to the hospital to take responsibility for the accident. In reality, this would not have happened, as the culprit would simply get into his car and drive away. However, this is the way the story has chosen to force the two together in episode 1 alone, so it remains to be seen whether the rest of the story will progress in an equally unrealistic, filmy manner. Overall, it cannot be said that Malaal E Yaar is an impressive show, despite boasting of an interesting cast. It remains to be seen whether the show can pull in more viewers and steer away from the overtly Indian way of presentation.

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By Sophia Qureshi
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