'Make a Statement and Get it Right': Nabila

'Make a Statement and Get it Right': Nabila

The Pakistani Makeup artiste and legend Nabila, who as the make-up and styling partner at IIFA talks to us

Pioneering stylist and make-up artiste Nabila has always been ahead of the curve, proved aptly by the success of her path-breaking make-up palette, Zero Make-up and her brands, NGents and the eponymous, Nabila. Then, she went where few Pakistani artistes have gone before – becoming the hair and make-up partner for the IIFA (Indian International Film Awards) at the Siam Niramit Theatre, Bangkok held last June. Yes, in a huge coup, Nabila was announced as the official hair and make-up partner after IIFA’s 16 year association with MAC. What’s more, this also will signal her entry into the Indian market – yes, her products will soon be launched in India soon, marking yet another milestone in a remarkable four decade old career known for celebrity makeovers and introduction of cutting-edge breakthroughs in hair and makeup.

 Masala! chatted her up on trends, brands, celebrities and the art of reinvention…

What was your biggest challenge at IIFA?

When a door opens, it’s easy to get your foot into it. But to be seen, respected, accepted and invited again is the real challenge. I was more interested in getting it again next year. I wanted to show the world the difference between regular hair and make-up and hair and make-up with a vision. Vision mixed with science and technology gives magical results. More than results, I also wanted to enjoy the process; and it was!

Which Indian celebrities have you worked with so far?

We have worked with only those celebs who have visited Pakistan. Like Shabana Azmi and Pooja Bhatt who had come to Pakistan for work a few years ago.

Is there a difference in styling and make-up between Bollywood and Lollywood celebrities?

Yes. Indian celebrities are really fit and have amazing bodies. Their style is a bit more glamorous and over the top than those of Pakistani celebs.

Which Bollywood actress’ style impresses you the most?

I like Deepika Padukone. I really wanted to try my Zero Make-up with Her. I remember this movie Bajirao Mastani where she looked lovely despite opting for very natural make-up. The look I love can be described in simple words – correct, don’t cover. It should look effortless even if glamorous.

What is the ideal red carpet look for an actress?

There is no ideal look as such but I feel it should be well thought out. Red carpet is a prestigious moment for an actor or actress, they are in the limelight and are expected to set trends. My advice is: have your individual touch. It takes a lot to know what your personal style is. It needs to be larger-than-life yet elegant and classic. When I watch it 20 years later, I should feel it was done in style. It should be timeless and effortless.

How do you rate the looks of our top actresses – Deepika, Aishwarya, Priyanka and Mahira – at the most talked-about events like the Met Gala, Royal Wedding and Cannes?

I am not a fan of Aishwarya’s style at Cannes. She is such a gorgeous woman, how does she go so wrong and that too repeatedly? Priyanka’s Ralph Lauren dress at the Met Gala was amazing. I love Deepika too, she was effortless. Mahira Khan did well, she was safe and didn’t goof up. Though, if you are in that position, I would go all out. I would make a statement and get it right.

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