Mahira Khan's Most Iconic Performances
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Mahira Khan's Most Iconic Performances

Mahira Khan is a Lollywood superstar for a reason - check out our list of the actress' most iconic performances over the years

Some girl crushes are forever. Mahira Khan, whom you know today as Raees and Humsafar fame has been the ultimate crush of Pakistan since she was a VJ on Indus Music. I still remember a teen magazine that once had Mahira Khan on its cover for being ‘Our Crush of the Month.’ I cannot forget her style tips about teaming up clothes like a pro and not being a brand slave. And it was just last year when we saw Mahira Khan on the red carpet of the prestigious Cannes Film Festival in a black gown flashing her shy red smile for the shutterbugs. ‘Our crush of the month’ has certainly traveled a long way. Her Indus Music and Aag TV days still seem like yesterday.

Today Mahira Khan is a global star. By the dint of her hard work and happy-go-lucky attitude in life today Mahira Khan is a phenomenon all over the world. Anyone who understands Hindi/Urdu knows and loves Mahira Khan. It is not all about her beauty and talent but her smiling persona too. Never would you come across Mahira Khan a part of some camp or involved in speaking against any colleague (which is quite common in this industry.) Her only focus is her own flight. She knows that she only has to soar higher.

Today we have decided to bring to you one of the most iconic performances by Mahira Khan over the years. Let us have a sneak peak.


It is hard to say who is known by whom. Is Humsafar known due to Mahira Khan or vice versa? It is a tough pick. This drama is one of the most popular projects in the history of Pakistani drama.


Written by Umera Ahmed, Shehr-e-Zaat explored the full potential of Mahira Khan. Her acting skills sharpened further in this layered role.


No words! I swear no words! Does it get bigger than this? Debuting the Bollywood career with Shah Rukh Khan is probably the wildest dream of every actor. Our ‘Zaalima’ stole the hearts once again.


A Shoaib Mansoor film, Verna, can probably be regarded as one of the strongest performances of Mahira Khan’s career. The intensity of her character brought chills down everyone’s spine.

Sadqay Tumharay

In this drama, Mahira Khan played the role of a simple yet headstrong village girl. A beautiful story of two lovebirds made everyone’s heartbeat for Mahira Khan and her co-actor Adnan Malik.

What we really hope is that this is just the beginning of Mahira Khan’s high flight; just the tip of an iceberg if we must say.

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By Saadia Ahmed
Saadia Ahmed is a Bollywood and cheesecake fanatic with no obvious interest in space travel. She tweets @khwamkhwah day in and out