Mahira Khan’s Fans Enjoy Her Banter With Her Mother and The Unread Messages

Mahira Khan’s Fans Enjoy Her Banter With Her Mother and The Unread Messages

Mahira Khan is one of the biggest celebrities of Pakistan and is now considered a global icon. She has worked in many successful films and dramas in Pakistan

Despite being one of the biggest celebrities of Pakistan, Mahira Khan can keep herself grounded and also laugh at herself. She has a strong group of friends and family who are not related to the industry and help her to stay real and candid. According to Mahira Khan, most of her friends are not from the industry hence her connection to the real world stays intact.

One of the most important persons among these is Mahira Khan’s mother who makes sure that her daughter does not let the stardom get to her head. Mahira Khan also enjoys her mother’s candidness sand often shares/ funny anecdotes on her social media. She recently posted a screenshot of her conversation with her mother whom she calls ‘Ama’. Mahira Khan’s mother took a cheeky dig at her Loreal Paris’ catwalk with a cat’s video and challenged Mahira to ‘beat that.’ This not only cracked Mahira Khan up but also she could not resist posting it on her social media sharing ag good laugh with her fans and followers. Mahira Khan captioned the image as ‘Ama last night! So random.. but so Ama.’

Mahira Khan’s fans could. Obviously, not help to laugh and to adore her Ama.

‘your amma is sooo cute and competitive

‘make a group with ama & add me there

‘nothing beats ama's banter!

‘Ama nein keh dia.. Ab to krna pry ga

Many also noticed the unread 1075 messages that showed in the image.

‘1075 is what I can see

‘Just looking at the number of unread messages gave me whiplash, lmao nobody messages me nobody loves me

‘Check them 1075 unopened messages

Being the only daughter Mahira Khan shares a close bond with her mother and often shares sweet moments with her on social media.

Mahira Khan has been in the news for attending the Paris Fashion Week on the behalf of Loreal Pakistan. Not only did the Zaalima girl walked the ramp for Karl Lagerfeld, but she also had the opportunity to spend a good time with some of the biggest names in the global fashion world. Mahira Khan was last seen in the film “Superstar’ along with Bilal Ashraf. Her fans are keenly looking forward to her film ‘Maula Jatt’ with Fawad Khan.  

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By Saadia Ahmed
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