Mahira Khan Was Called ‘Too Old’ by Firdaus Jamal and Twitter Did Not Have It!

Mahira Khan Was Called ‘Too Old’ by Firdaus Jamal and Twitter Did Not Have It!

Mahira Khan is undisputedly the biggest star of Pakistan. Veteran actor Firdous Jamal has made some crass comments about her age and the fraternity isn’t happy

Mahira Khan is one of the most recognised actors in Pakistan and her work and efforts have truly put Pakistan on the map. From her performances in Humsafar and Sheher-e-Zaat to costarring alongside Shah Rukh Khan in Raees, to representing Pakistan at the Cannes Film Festival, Mahira Khan has truly made her mark. Such success doesn’t come easy however, Mahira Khan has put her blood, sweat and tears into her career and it is for this reason that she has come so far. She is currently gearing up for the release of two of her films, namely Parey Hut Love alongside Sheheryar Munawer and Superstar alongside Bilal Ashraf.

Glimpses of both her films have been shared with fans on social media and they can hardly wait to see the natural beauty on screen once again. Both the films are scheduled for release over Eid ul Adha.

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As Mahira Khan has been busy with film promotions, veteran actor Firdous Jamal opened up on Faisal Qureshi’s morning show, on which he made some crass comments pertaining to Mahira and her age. While suggesting Mahira was too old, he suggested that she should no longer play lead roles. While the actor said his comments should be taken positively and that he didn’t mean to hurt anyone’s feelings, he came down pretty harsh on people.

“Mahira Khan is a mediocre model, but she is a good actress,” the actor said on the morning show. “She has aged as well. That’s not the age to play the role of a heroin,” he went on to add. And of course, being in the digital age, this stirred a debate on social media. It was Kalim Khan who first took to social media and expressed his views on the comments made by Firdous Jamal.

“What a cheap shot from Firdous Jamal - least expected. @TheMahiraKhan is one of our finest actress. None of the description Firdous Jamal gave of Mahira is correct. Expected @faysalquraishi to defend her!!” he tweeted.

in response to his tweet, Faysal Qureshi said, “That’s how he (Jamal) thinks, kiya faraq parhta hey…She is super tar and I was shocked too. I meant jo hit milni chahiye woh mily Bin Roye was a hit but bari wali hit. Khair I praised her 1000 times in my show no one shared that.”

This exchange of tweets and the comments made by Firdous Jamal gave rise to a whole debate on social media, with many coming out in support of Mahira Khan and some even agreeing with his views. Celebrities, fans and members of the film fraternity took to Twitter to join in on the debate and here’s what some of them had to say.

Actor, Mawra Hocane, who is also a close friend to Mahira, came to her defence and said, “Taking a dig at the biggest name of your country makes you as small as it gets. Disrespectful remarks in the garb of opinions need to STOP. Hope the two mins of fame were worth it. Mahira works extremely hard to be where she is. It’s not easy. So Proud of you my M.”

Another actor who has worked closely alongside Mahira Khan, Humayun Saeed, also shared his two cents on the matter. “Extremely disappointed and strongly condemn Firdous Jamal’s comment regarding Mahira Khan. Whatever his point of view is, there’s absolutely no justification for such rude remarks for a colleague publicly & on television. Mahira is extremely hardworking and honest to her craft…,” he said.

He then went on to add that, “And it is her dedication and passion towards her work that has led her to this position. She is a heroine and a star in every sense of these words. As far as age is concerned, an actor and their talent is not bound by it.”

Former VJ, humanitarian Anoushey Ashraf also took to Twitter and said:

“Respect. To get it, you must give it. I don’t think our elders sometimes realise how regressive they sound. #FirdousJamal a person’s age has NOTHING to do with their acting ability sir. You should know this better than anyone.”

The whole film fraternity came together to support Mahira Khan and were quite shocked to hear of the remarks made by such a veteran actor. The likes of Gohar Rasheed, Osman Khalid Butt, Zhalay Sarhadi and Fahad Mustafa all came together to support Mahira and called Firdous Jamal out for his harsh and unfair remarks.

Fans too took to social media and shared their views on the whole conundrum.

The whole fiascoo surrounding Firdous Jamal’s comments and Mahira Khan’s age is a clear indicator that the problem is rather deep rooted. While the veteran actor belonged to a time where age and marriage were considered central to a leading lady’s box office success and failure, times have now changed and such remarks will not be appreciated by the film fraternity. It is however sad to note that actresses are being called out on their age. A response from Mahira Khan is still awaited.

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