Mahira Khan Speaks Up About the Sudan Crisis

Mahira Khan Speaks Up About the Sudan Crisis

This is not the first time Mahira Khan has shed light on an important issue
Mahira Khan Speaks Up About the Sudan Crisis
Mahira Khan

When you’re a role model for many and when you have a powerful voice, when put to good use it can make a difference to all those around you. Celebrities and influencers should take advantage of the powerful voices which they possess which in turn can bring change and shed light on important social issues. One such celebrity who often highlights and speaks on important issues is Pakistani starlet, Mahira Khan.

Never shying away from saying the right thing and always managing to start a healthy conversation, Mahira Khan is known for being an avid Twitter and social media user who talks about things that really matter. Case in point, the Sudan crisis.

Sudan is currently in the midst of a political crisis after security forces opened fire on pro-democracy protestors in the capital. Negotiations between both sides have come to a halt and the military has scrapped any agreement with the opposition. During attacks, women and children have been raped, more than 100 people have been killed and more than 700 have been injured.

While Sudan goes through continuous unrest, it has been noted that not much coverage has been given to it by international media. Of course, Mahira Khan picked up on this and decided to raise her voice about it.

“Why is barely any international news channel giving this proper coverage? It’s heartbreaking to read about what’s happening in #Sudan and so is the indifference towards it,” she wrote in a tweet this morning.

Her tweet comes in response to writer, Yashar Ali’s tweet which sheds light on the current situation in the country.

He wrote, “Sudanese children killed, detained and sexually abused in violent clases.”

Mahira’s tweet lead to a whole Twitter exchange, with many followers questioning the lack of coverage given to Sudan by international press. "Indeed it’s deafening to see that no coverage...” wrote one user, while another penned, “Glad to see that, You keep interest in current affairs worldwide. We’re glad celebrities are speaking up on the matter and hopefully it could lead to better coverage by international media outlets in the future.