Mahira Khan Shares a Sweet College Memory, Check it Out

Mahira Khan Shares a Sweet College Memory, Check it Out

Mahira Khan is currently in quarantine reliving her old memories and spending time with family

Mahira Khan studied in the US during her college years but returned in two years as she missed home dearly. She had always been a through and through family girl. According to Mahira, she also did menial jobs while studying in order to make things work for her as a student in the US. Upon returning to Pakistan, Mahira started working with a local music channel as a VJ and only reached further heights of fame by the dint of her hard work.

However, like everyone else, Mahira is also completely staying home and catching up on what she missed out while actively shooting. She is reliving her old memories these days by watching the old television show Aangan Terha. Mahira Khan’s recent post on Instagram reveals her nostalgia and love for Aangan Terha.

‘When I was in college I brought a few things with me from back home, one of them was a DVD of Aangan Terha. Every Sunday (if I wasn’t working) or whenever I found time I would take out my tub of ice cream, sit on my dirty couch and watch it!’

‘It gave me so much joy. Ufff. The comfort, the laughs.. the feeling of just being home.
Please watch it or rewatch it.. it’s one of the best shows Pakistan has produced. Saleem Nasir, Bushra Apa and Shakil Sb.. kyaaaa baat hai inn sab ki! Written by the genius Anwar Maqsood.’

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Aangan Terha, the satirical television drama, was aired in the year 1984 and earned great popularity among the masses for its witty punchlines and strong performances.

Mahira was last seen in her film Superstar with the actor Bilal Ashraf. The film did great business at the box office and kept running for the longest time. Before the COVID-19 Outbreak, she was busy shooting for her upcoming film Pakistan Zindabad with Fahad Mustafa. This is the first time the two have come together despite wanting it for a long time. 

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