Mahira Khan Sends Adnan Sami Khan's Son, Azaan Sami Khan, An Adorable Birthday Wish
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Mahira Khan Sends Adnan Sami Khan's Son, Azaan Sami Khan, An Adorable Birthday Wish

Mahira Khan sent an adorable birthday wish to Azaan Sami Khan, Adnan Sami Khan's son

We know Mahira Khan loves wishing birthdays to her closest friends and company. Every time there is a birthday of any loved one Mahira Khan not only writes a long detailed birthday note but also digs out their cutest pictures together. This time also she took to Instagram to wish a very happy birthday to her friend whom she wants to shine the brightest. Also, she wished him something we all dream of. Yes, a metabolism that enables us to eat everything in the world without gaining a pound of fat. She also prays that she and her friend stay as crazy as they are. Seen pouting in this sun-kissed picture with the friend they both look really cute. Mahira loves taking photos in the sun, by the way.

"Oh the journey...," she posted recently. "May you continue to shine the brightest, may the world dance to your tunes always, may you be able to eat as much as you want and still look fit AF, may we always stay as crazy as we are and just always ‘get it’.. Shine on kid. P.S ohh and may this be THE year!! InshAllah."

Like every post of Mahira Khan with someone, this post also made us curious to find out who this friend is. And guess what, he is the only child of Zeba Bakhtiar and Adnan Sami Khan. Yes, Zeba Bakhtiar who turned all heads with her ethereal innocent beauty and Adnan Sami Khan who is one of the finest musicians in both sides of the border. The couple fell in love during the shooting of their film ‘Sangam’ and got married shortly.

Sadly, this love story did not have a happy ending and they fell out of love very soon. They got divorced after a short-lived marriage. However, this marriage also had a happy side: their only son Azaan Sami Khan.

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سُپر اسٹار

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In the above picture, you can see Azaan Sami Khan posing on the film shoot in Peshawar. Here's wishing him all the best for the future. Azaan Sami Khan has taken after his supremely talented parents and is pursuing a career in the entertainment industry. He is also a musician. Currently, Azaan Sami Khan is shooting a film ‘Superstar’ with Mahira Khan and Bilal Ashraf. He also shared images from the film set on his Instagram.

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