7 Times Mahira Khan She Proved She Was More Than Just a Superstar
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7 Times Mahira Khan She Proved She Was More Than Just a Superstar

Mahira Khan has so many reasons for us to love here. Here are our top seven

Mahira Khan is loved not only in Pakistan (where she is from) but also in many other parts of the world. Rising to fame through her world famous drama ‘Humsafar’ Mahira has traveled a long way. She has not only worked in Pakistan but also across the border with our ‘heartbeat’ Shah Rukh Khan. Besides being insanely talented, Mahira Khan is also loved for her non-traditional choices in life. A single mother of a beautiful boy making rounds, Mahira today stands as an inspiration for all the women in Pakistan who find it hard to battle against the shackles of patriarchy in the conservative Pakistani society. Mahira Khan is not just another glamorous actress. She is much more than what we see on the surface. There are many surprises to her personality which is way more real and alive than most of the celebrities.

Here are some of our favorites moments where Mahira Khan stole our hearts for being not just another actress. She not only makes us proud and also inspires us to beat all the odds in life.

1. Mahira Isn't Afraid of Hiding Her Real Self:

Unlike most of the actresses, Mahira Khan wears her age like a medal on her shirt. In showbiz, a woman’s aging is taken as a literal crime. Mostly actresses hide their age as much as they possibly can.

2. Mahira Khan at FB HQ:

She was invited to Facebook Headquarters to speak on the behalf of Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital.

3. Mahira Khan at UNHCR:

She is associated with UNHCR to highlight the Afghan refugee problem in Pakistan (half of which are children.) She actively visits the refugee camps to work in close proximity with these children.

4. Mahira Khan's Love for Her Fans:

Do you know she actually gifted this jora to a fan who commented on this post? Yes, you heard us right. She actually did that.

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Eid Mubarak

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5. Mahira Khan and Her Gal Pals:

Girls just wanna have fun. We love how she does not conform to being a diva and is not conscious of her otherwise glamorous image. She is just like one of us and loves having crazy pictures with her girlfriends.

6. Mahira Khan at Cannes:

Here we must say that seeing Mahira Khan at Cannes was not just a visual treat. She was rightly selected for being one of the most well-groomed celebrities who understand the sensitivity of being on an international platform as prestigious as Cannes. Here is Mahira Khan making us all proud at Cannes Film Festival.

7. Mahira's Recital at Faiz Festival:

Here is a short clip of Mahira Khan’s recital enacted by the veteran Kathak dancer Nahid Siddiqui at Faiz Festival. The poem selected was powerful and left a strong impact on the audience.

Mahira, thank you for always being you and giving us realistic expectations. You just seem one of us and we cannot love you enough.

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