Mahesh Babu Misses Wife Namrata Shirodkar’s Birthday for the First Time

Mahesh Babu Misses Wife Namrata Shirodkar’s Birthday for the First Time

Find out why Telugu superstar Mahesh Babu had to miss his dear wife’s birthday for the first time in 14 years of their marriage

In the  14 years of their marriage, Mahesh Babu was not with his dear devoted wife Namrata Shirodkar for the first time as she turned a year older on February 22. “It couldn’t be helped,” sighed Namrata from  the Taj  Falaknuma Palace where she  brought in her birthday  with her  closest friends. “Mahesh had no choice. His film Maharshi is on the verge of release. There was no way he could get away from the final lap of shooting for a day. Nor could I fly to him since our son’s exams are on.  I can’t behave like a newly-married bride and throw a tantrum about it and ask him to fly down to be with me for the day. It is okay. We will have  our own belated private  celebration later.”

Cheering  up she says she was having a great time.  “My five  ‘forever’ friends, all from Mumbai,  flew down to make this day special for me.  They’ve been with me for years and years. I never had any close friends in the Mumbai film industry when I was working there.  I don’t have any in the Andhra film industry. I think it is important to have a group of non-filmy friends. They keep you stable and sane.”

Her birthday wishes? “Please pray that Mahesh and I  remain happily together for all times to  come and that  our children  grow up with the right values.”

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