Maharshi Success: Mahesh Babu & Namrata Celebrate With German Holiday

Maharshi Success: Mahesh Babu & Namrata Celebrate With German Holiday

Subhash K Jha spoke to Namrata Shirodkar as the family celebrates the success of Maharshi with a holiday in Germany

As you read this, Mahesh Babu, his wife Namrata and their two children Gautham and Sitara are in Germany holidaying after the massive success of Maharshi. The film has broken all the records of Telugu cinema barring Baahubali and is slated to become the biggest hit of Mahesh Babu’s career.

“We are taken aback, and I am just so happy, I can’t express it in words. Mahesh doesn’t show his own anxieties when his films are on release. But I become a nervous wreck. We sensed we were going to have a big success on our hands. But we never imagined it would be so big. The back-to-the-roots subject has captured the young audience’s imagination,” says proud and ecstatic wife Namrata Shirodkar.

So how has Mahesh Babu reacted to the success? “By chilling. We took off a vacation to Germany. The places we go to for our vacations are chosen by Mahesh. He has an uncanny sense of where to go to. We follow him happily. He is the happiest when he can roam the streets with his children. He can’t do that in Hyderabad. But here he becomes the third child with Gautham and Tara. We are in Baden-Baden, and he is having a ball with the kids. I am just happy gazing at them.”

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