Magamuni Movie Falls Prey to Piracy, Leaked Online by Tamilrockers

Magamuni Movie Falls Prey to Piracy, Leaked Online by Tamilrockers

Magamuni has fallen prey to the miscreants of Tamilrockers who have released the film. Major films have become a target for the piracy website.
Magamuni Movie Falls Prey to Piracy, Leaked Online by Tamilrockers
Poster for Magamuni

The Santhakumar directorial, Magamuni, has been leaked online by the Tamilrockers. The notorious piracy website is known to leak several new films online ahead of a major film's release. The film stars Arya, Indhuja Ravichandran, Mahima Nambiar, Kaali Venkat, Jayaprakash and Aruldoss and is also written by the same director. Similar to The Pirate Bay functions in the US and other western countries, Tamilrockers is the Pirate Bay of India which is known for regularly leaking major Bollywood and Hollywood films, TV shows and even web series online.

The website has become a bane for film makers and producers and is not the only tim to have fallen prey to their tactics as of late. They even have the content up in high definition. And just like The Pirate Bay, efforts to stop Tamilrockers have failed so far. Although the main site is banned, pirates find alternative ways like proxies to access the site and content. The site owners also have other sites under their control.

Tamilrockers has leaked dozens of movies over the last few years, most of them just hours after a film's release which in turn effects the revenue for the film, its actors and filmmakers. Lyca Productions took exception to Tamilrockers after Rajinikanth’s 2.0, the most expensive film ever made in India, was leaked. Earlier, Delhi Court had ordered for these piracy websites to be blocked, but unfortunately, Tamilrockers still continue to create chaos for filmmakers. The website is able to continuously leak films online by perpetually changing its domain extension and can also be accessed through proxy servers.

Major films including the likes of the Hindi remake of The Lion King, Spider-Man: Far From Home, MIB: International, Avengers: Endgame, Oh Baby and more became a target for the Tamilrockers and were released online.

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