Madonna's Upcoming Tour Suffering From Low Ticket Sales
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Madonna's Upcoming Tour Suffering From Low Ticket Sales

Madonna's upcoming Madame X tour is struggling to sell tickets despite the singer's fame

Madonna is a legendary singer in her own right, known for her multiple chart-topping hit over the years that have cemented her in music history. But it looks like she has run into trouble as she is now struggling to sell tickets for her upcoming tour.

The Madame X tour, which is slated to hit the ground later this year, still has several seats available at its many venues. It is expected to involve Madonna performing a number of her classic hits as well as the newest tracks from her upcoming album Madame X when it hits the shelves later this month. It remains to be seen whether ticket sales for the singer will pick up the pace.

The singer recently hit headlines for her response to an article done on her by the New York Times, which she stated made her feel “raped.” Madonna took to Instagram to voice her thoughts. The creator said in the piece that "it didn't feel appropriate to clarify that ladies nowadays were doing whatever it takes not to utilize that word figuratively."

The artist said the profile was "additional evidence that the revered N.Y.T. Is one of the establishing fathers of the Patriarchy. Also, I state— - DEATH TO THE PATRIARCHY woven profound into the structure holding the system together. I will fight constantly to annihilate it."

The Times article depicted Madonna in her 1980s prime as utilizing "her iron will to produce a specific kind of very self-portraying, uber-enabled, hypersexualized female pop star who turned into the overwhelming model of gentility the country over."

In any case, it described her present manifestation as that of a "sexagenarian guaranteeing her space among craftsmen two ages more youthful" and said the group of spectators she performed for at the Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas seemed more enthused about the South Korean K-pop kid band BTS.

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