Madhuri Dixit celebrates 36 years in Bollywood

Madhuri Dixit celebrates 36 years in Bollywood

The much loved actress has had a whirlwind career

Madhuri Dixit reflected on her 36 years in Bollywood on social media yesterday, as she engaged with fans on a Twitter Q&A, and watched back some of her most iconic on screen roles.

“Like all other milestones celebrating this one too with you all, thank you for being part of my journey over the last 36 years”, Madhuri Dixit tweeted before starting the Q&A.

She tweeted, “This day back in 1984 I started my journey in Bollywood with Abodh. Join me as I look back at some of the scenes” followed by a link to a Youtube video which you can watch below.

The video is titled “Reacting To Scenes From My First Film - Abodh” followed by the hashtag #36YearsInBollywood. The Youtube video sees the actress sitting on the sofa and telling us, “I decided to go back to when it all started and look at a few scenes from the films with you guys”.

The first clip is of Dixit’s film debut in Abodh. Madhuri is seen smiling fondly when watching the scene on her phone. She also dances along with the music before commenting “I was such a youngster. I was sixteen and had such a high pitched voice”.

Madhuri Dixit is one of Bollywood’s most treasured actresses, and has over 9.2 million followers on Twitter. She has featured in 68 Bollywood films during her 36 year career, and has worked with the humanitarian organisation UNICEF to advocate children’s rights including prevention of child labour.

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