M! Talks to Sasheh Agha

M! Talks to Sasheh Agha

She has everything at the moment - Sasheh Agha is here to stay!

She has just made her debut and is already in the news for her uninhibited, steamy scenes. However, Sasheh Agha isn't perturbed by the attention and is confident that her performance and the script will do the talking! In many ways she is like her mother, the beautiful Pakistani actress Salma Agha whose soulful Dil Ke Armaan from the 80s romantic saga Nikaah is still remembered by cine buffs. Light-eyed Sasheh, like Salma, has a great voice and she has even crooned two songs for her film. Indeed Sasheh has got a fabulous break with one of the hottest stars of the current generation, Arjun Kapoor. It's clear none of this has gone to her head, however; grounded, confident yet carefree, she impressed us with her non-starry attitude as we chatted about hot Arjun and getting intimate in front of the cameras.
Can you tell us more about your role?

My character is power-driven. She is very intense; she is not someone who'll take things lying down. The kind of relationship she and Arjun's character share on screen is also very different from what one has seen in cinema so far. In the movie, there's a lot of aggression between them and they both tend to rub each other the wrong way. It was a lot of fun to play a strong-headed person like this.
What made you sign Aurangzeb?
The script is amazing. I could have opted for a pretty girl, quintessential heroine role but I wanted to do something unexpected and unusual. I always wanted something different from my debut and then Aurangzeb came my way.
Were there any on-set antics that you would like to share?

Well, Arjun kept playing pranks on me on the sets. Once, he brought along this huge loud horn. It was a day when we had to shoot an intense scene. While I was reading the script, Arjun quietly sneaked up behind me and blew the horn right in my ear! I am very scared of loud noises and when he did that, I nearly had a heart attack!

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