Lyricist and poet Rahat Indori has died of a heart attack after Covid-19 diagnosis

Lyricist and poet Rahat Indori has died of a heart attack after Covid-19 diagnosis

The bollywood icon lost his health battle yesterday

Rahat Indori tested positive with the coronavirus yesterday, and sadly died hours after his diagnosis due to a heart attack. The 70 year old poet was taken to hospital on Monday, but was then moved to a more specific private hospital called SAIMS which had a Covid-19 ward. Indori was soon diagnosed with the deadly virus on Tuesday morning. 

The poet took to social media on Tuesday to confirm that he had been diagnosed with the virus, and asked his fans to pray for his health. He wrote “Your prayers and companionship is needed .... I am at Orbindo Hospital in Indore”. Indori passed away soon after posting on Twitter.

Rahat Indori suffered three heart attacks between the times of 4:15pm and 4:30 pm, and despite best attempts by the doctors, he couldn't be revived.
Indori recently celebrated 50 years of writing poetry, and is famous for contributing to numerous Bollywood songs which include Munnabhai MBBS, Meenaxi, Khuddar, Ishq and Ghatak.
The poet also worked with huge music directors such as A.R. Rahman, Any Malik, Alka Yagnik and Arjit Singh.
Rahan Indori took his poetry around the world, and had participated in recitals in Australia, China and across Europe. His recent work of poetry titled ‘Bulati Hai Magar Jaane Ka Nahi’ which translates to ‘calls but doesn’t go’ became an inspiration for many during the coronavirus pandemic as the lyrics can be applied when talking about social distancing.
Indori’s contribution to poetry and music made him a significant member of India’s creative society. He will be dearly missed.

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