Luxury Handbag Designer Kashish Hemnani in Dubai
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Luxury Handbag Designer Kashish Hemnani in Dubai

We chat with Kashish Hemnani, founder of Laykh, about her luxury handbag collection

The talented designer from Hong Kong will be unveiling her new collection for the first time at Professionelle Boutique in The Dubai Mall during Vogue Fashion Dubai Experience today. 'Masala!' met up with the designer for a chat about all things stylish. Here's an excerpt...

How do you create your handbags?
I have always created bags using one type of leather at a time and have celebrated each skin's texture individually; my new collection celebrates textures of the stunning skins that I procure in unison. I keep all the skins the same colour and stitch them together in symmetrical patterns trying to keep the look of the bag classic and functional.

You are known for the exotic skins you use for your bags. How do you select these skins and where do you source them from?
My skins are sourced from only the best tanneries across the globe. The first tannery I started working with is the same tannery that all the major fashion houses in the world purchase their skins - Hermes, Fendi and Gucci to name a few. It is located in Italy and has incredible designs, finishes and quality. While I still work closely with them, I now also visit other tanneries and only purchase skins that I feel are up to par.

What does Laykh mean and what is its significance?
LAYKH in my traditional language means 'Destiny' – when the planets align and the universe is willing for something to happen. For where I was in my life with a LLB Law Undergraduate Degree, I always felt lost. When I had this idea everything just came together and felt right for the first time - this is what I was meant to do all along.

How would you describe your personal style?
I don't like to drown in what I wear; I always adopt the 'one statement piece' rule. This could mean wearing only one bold accessory, a cuff, necklace or earrings or I may wear a heavily embroidered dress and keep the rest of my look simple with no accessories. I also adopt this rule when applying my make-up too. A smoky eye calls for a nude lip, it's all about balance. Style that transcends time and the ability to wear fashion and not have it wear you is important. Great style is not getting lost in what you wear, but you as an individual, it should be about making the ultimate statement.

How would you compare the fashion scene in Hong Kong and Dubai?
Hong Kong and Dubai are very similar in many ways. There is a great buying power and an infinite market where shoppers have easy access to luxurious high quality products. I feel style in Dubai is ultimate 'more is more'! You see everything from the full sparkle dresses, large diamond sets and bright bold accessories on a daily basis. In Hong Kong people do love this look too but only when the occasion calls for it. In terms of shopping I feel that in Dubai, to find high quality products, one needs to pay a high price whereas in Hong Kong you are able to find high quality but reasonably priced items. It is also a hub for Asian designers so you find originality. It is a shopping haven!

What are three fashionable things that no woman should be without?
First – A statement day bag! My suggestion would be Laykh's Fareesa bag! It is the ultimate shoulder bag which is chic yet functional and structured yet slouchy. Second - A pair of nude-coloured sky high thin stiletto pumps! I know many might think that high heels and comfort do not go hand but search hard enough and you can find a brand that suits them! Third - Confidence. We are at a time in fashion where every look is fabulous! Beauty is found in the pixie cut or the long lustrous hair, the curvy or slim figure and the small and striking features. Every woman has an attribute that is sexy and perfect. Don't compare only celebrate yourself!

Where do you stock in Dubai and can shoppers purchase your bags online as well?
I am currently stocked at Professionelle at The Dubai Mall. It's really exciting to have a base here as I feel Dubai is a great market and with my bespoke service I really enjoy working with customers in the UAE. Fashionistas have a great flair and are not afraid to pick the most striking skins in bold finishes! I also have a website where customers are able to purchase online via Paypal. I am introducing a blog very soon which will be updated with new styles and skins that I come across. I also update Instagram, Twitter and my Facebook page frequently with Laykh updates. I also sell on Etsy (America based), Gnossem (Singapore Based), Meetmydesigner (Italy Based) and Silkfred (UK Based).

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