Lux Style Awards 2019: The Most Shocking Controversies This Year

Lux Style Awards nominations have often sparked ample controversies and this year is no different. Fans and artists have all spoken out against their favorite stars and their own work being ignored by the jury
Lux Style Awards 2019: The Most Shocking Controversies This Year
Ali Zafar, Hamza Ali Abbasi in 'Parwaaz Hai Junoon' and Mahira Khan

Each year Lux Style Awards is mired by controversy, sparking conversation and social media diatribes every which way. This year is no different as nominations of Lux Style Awards 2019 have come in and have garnered negative reactions from users and artists alike.

1. Ali Zafar’s Nomination for Teefa in Trouble

Ali Zafar was nominated for his film Teefa in Trouble and Eman Suleman, a model, was nominated also nominated for Best Emerging Talent in the past 3 years. Eman took to Instagram to announce that she did not want to share the award with "a harasser." Ali Zafar had recently been named by Meesha Shafi that he had harassed her and the two are currently engaged in a court battle about the issue.

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2. Ahsan Rahim’s Appeal for Teefa in Trouble

Ali Zafar’s film Teefa In Trouble was directed by Ahsan Rahim. Ahsan spoke about how his film was not nominated for its soundtrack. He termed it "biases" of certain individuals.

3. Mohsin Abbas Haider’s Exclusion for Meri Guriya

Mohsin Abbas Haider played a predator in the drama Meri Guriya where he was lauded for his performance. Mohsin posted on his social media that he was "highly disappointed" to not see a single nomination for it.

4. Shani Arshad’s OST for Koi Chaand Rakh

Shani Arshad who gave the music for Fahad Mustafa’s Load Wedding was also disgruntled that his soundtrack for the drama Koi Chaand Rakh was not nominated despite being very popular among the masses.

5. Parwaz Hai Junoon's Lack of Nominations

Hamza Ali Abbasi and Ahad Raza Mir starrer was almost completely ignored by LSA leading to speculation by Hamza Ali Abbasi’s fans.

6. Faisal Quraishi Ignored for Haiwaan and Baba Jani

Actor Faisal Quraishi was also not nominated for any of his dramas and many of his friends and fans spoke in support of his performances.

7. Mahira Khan Not Nominated for Saat Din Mohabbat In

Mahira Khan appeared as Neeli in Saat Din Mohabbat In which did not manage to do well at the box office but the film saw her in a ‘different’ avatar.

The Lux Style Awards 2019 will be held on July 7, 2019.