Loki, Wanda Vision, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier: Fans Share Theories on Trailers

Loki, Wanda Vision, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier: Fans Share Theories on Trailers

During the Super Bowl halftime, Marvel released a trailer featuring clips from the upcoming series on Loki, Wanda Vision and The Falcon and The Winter Soldier

Ever since the Avengers saga ended last year with Avengers: Endgame, many fans of the franchise have been upset. Upset that they won’t get to see some of their favourite heroes return to the screen. If you haven’t already watched it, and don’t want us to spoil it for you, don’t read further. But Avengers: Endgame saw Iron-Man, Black Widow and Vision lose their lives. Even Captain America went back in time and returned as a regular old man, which means that he would die soon too. That’s three major characters dead. Spider-Man: Homecoming did pay tribute to Tony Stark and Peter Parker remembering him at any given moment, we might not be seeing any more of him either.

At least not until Robert Downey Jr confirms that himself – which he has only hinted for now. As for Black Widow, fans cannot contain their excitement as a stand-alone film on the Russian spy, Natasha Romanoff hits screens across the world in May this year. But at the Super Bowl half time yesterday, fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe also got to witness a lot more than just another trailer of Black Widow. And if you don’t already know what we’re talking about, you are probably living under a rock.

Earlier last year, Marvel president Kevin Fiege announced that the production banner will be creating a number of shows on some of the characters from the universe. These included Loki, Scarlett Witch, Vision, The Winter Soldier and The Falcon – as that is where Avengers: Endgame ended. And that is exactly what fans got treated to yesterday. Marvel’s trailers of Loki, Wanda Vision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier were released yesterday and boy, were they good! A tweet by Marvel Entertainment read: “The Universe is expanding. Marvel Studios’ The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, WandaVision and Loki are coming soon to Disney Plus.” This was followed by the trailer in which the Falcon is seen approaching Captain America’s shield, which he throws as The Winter Soldier and many others emerge flying in the sky. The next clip shows Vision welcoming Wanda back home as Wanda later emerges donning several outfits, which also looks like the two are paying tribute to the sitcoms of the 70s and 80s. And the trailer ends with Loki, in his signature, mischievous tone as he says, “I’m going to burn this place to the ground.” Now that’s what we’re talking about.

Like any other thing Marvel has ever released, the trailer got a ton of reactions from fans across the world. One wrote, “Don't get excited for 4 seconds of Loki series. Me already:”

Another started connecting the dots on how Loki’s storyline will follow and added, “Loki might be part of the Time Variance Authority? So he can go through different timelines in the MCU? They have an agent called Mr. Tesseract?”

One user said, “OMG, this just made me realize that were finally going to see content of Loki in wearing casual earth clothing and not just tuxedos and his armor. I’m going to combust.”

One shared, “They’re not regular twin babies. They’re magical twin babies. Wiccan and Speed are coming.”

Another commented, “Hear me out on this. Everything that will happen in Wanda Vision is a dream and when Wanda realizes this, she wakes up gets mad and that will set Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness up.”

Speculations of Wanda and Vision having kids as a short clip shows her pregnant, as one fan pointed it out and said, “Wanda is pregnant in the first shot. Next we see her and Vision looking down on two cradles and pacifiers flying up.”

One shared, “Got a theory. Wanda Vision will be set within Scarlett Witch's reality bending powers. This means Vision can still be 'alive' and it can lead into Dr Strange.”

Another added, “Me trying to figure out the plot of Wanda Vision.”

One tweeted, “Please let Wanda Vision be as wild as it seems.”

Another wrote, “Wanda Vision looks like it’s going to be so weird and I cannot wait.”

Fans also noted The Falcon turning into the next Captain America as one wrote, “Things that happened on the teaser: Sam training with the shield, Sam's Captain America costume, Bucky with a gun, Zemo with bullet gun, the US Agent in some sort of big event, Sam and Bucky shaking hands.”

Another wrote, “These images alone are enough to get me beyond excited for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.”

To sum it all up, here are some of the things you need to look out for when the series premiers on Disney Plus. Firstly, Loki is part of the Time Variance Authority, but in what capacity? That’s is something fans will find out when the show airs but his hair is washed and not sleek as compared to how we’ve seen him in the past. Wanda and Vision are either together in Wanda’s dream wherein she also sports her costume from the comics and lead a happy life where they are seen getting married and having kids – and even their kids – which most likely are twins - possessing superpowers are pacifiers are seen flying in the trailer. Lastly, Falcon will take on Captain America’s role as he becomes the next savior of the nation and practices with the shield as Bucky Barnes, the Winter Soldier, is out on an unknown yet very important mission.

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By Shaheera Anwar
A multimedia journalist who keeps a keen eye on the latest happenings in the world of entertainment and often writes reviews along with opinion pieces on some of the most-talked-about debates