Lok Sabha Elections 2019: Ravi Kishan Says He 'Won Without Making Promises'
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Lok Sabha Elections 2019: Ravi Kishan Says He 'Won Without Making Promises'

Bhojpuri superstar Ravi Kissan says he won the Lok Sabha Elections as a BJP candidate without making promises

Bhojpuri superstar Ravi Kishan who  stood for the Lok Sabha elections as a  BJP candidate from Gorakhpur in Uttar Pradesh, has won by a resounding  majority  . He has defeated the SP-BSP candidate Ram  Bhuwal Nishad by over  two lakh  votes. “This  is  no  small thing.  My  opponent has  a formidable  reputation in  Uttar Pradesh. Most people  thought  it was  foolhardy  of me to even take him on. But I did. I had faith in Lord Shiva and  Modiji’s  reputation,” says Ravi. Was  this victory a side effect  of  the Modi wave?

Ravi  who was  flying from Gorakhpur to  Delhi to meet his mentor Narendra Modi  when I  caught up with him,  thinks it was a bit more. “Of course Modiji has created a wave. People believe  in him. And I  completely surrendered  to that faith they have in Modiji’s  leadership. I made no false promises  to the  people  of Gorakhpur.  I didn’t need to. Gorakhpur is my home. One doesn’t read a list  of things to do to one’s parents and siblings. They just do it.”

Ravi’s big plan for Gorakhpur: “A  film city  like  the Ramuji Rao studios in Hyderabad, a sprawling all-encompassing universe  stretching into 300 acres   where  Bollywood can shoot in comfort and peace and then go back  happy. I’ve seen Akshay Kumar and  several A-listers shooting on  the streets  of Uttar Pradesh while the unmanageable  crowds jostle to  see them, touch them. I want them to shoot in a secluded confined  stretch  so that UP becomes  an appealing  shooting locations  for  them. I want my colleagues in Bollywood to know that Gorakhpur is very well connected  to  Mumbai. There are two daily flights between the cities.And there are luxury hotels in Gorakhpur. So once I  build the  film city they can shoot here in Gorakhpur in complete comfort.”

All the formalities  paper work and  blueprint for the film city in UP are  complete, and Ravi is all set to to  plunge into the task  of making UP  shooting-friendly.
Ravi’s  other  cinema-related plan for  Gorakhpur is a large film institute, “I want youngsters  from UP, Bihar, Odhisa and Bengal to learn the craft of acting and  film direction in Gorakhpur  instead  of   having to go to either Mumbai or the National School  of Drama  in Delhi."

"We will have the finest acting teachers to teach our kids  from this part of the world," says Ravi. "They don’t need  to  travel all the way to Mumbai or Delhi  to learn acting when they can’t afford it. We will bring the  art of  cinema  to  Uttar Pradesh  in a  big way. I also want to revive the art of street theatre and  village stage plays in Uttar Pradesh.” All  of Ravi Kissan’s plans seen cinema-centred. “They are. That’s because I am from the  world of cinema. Jeena yahan marna yahan.”