Livid Mahesh Babu Vows Never to Work with Maharshi Producer

Livid Mahesh Babu Vows Never to Work with Maharshi Producer

Maharshi producer Ashwini Dutt troubles superstar Mahesh Babu who vows not to work with him again

The reputation of one of Telugu cinema’s oldest and most reputed producers Ashwini Dutt of Vyjanthi Films is at stake as superstar Mahesh Babu has apparently vowed to never work with him after the experience that had during the making of Maharshi, the eagerly awaited film which opens next week.

Says a source in the know, “Initially Ashwini Dutt was the only producer for Maharshi. But then Dil Raju also came on board as an active producer and took over most of the production’s financial responsibilities. Now when the film is almost ready, Ashwini is making demands as a producer that he is not entitled to.”

According to sources, Ashwini has asked for a major distribution territory, Krishna, to be given over to him. “Why should he get a whole territory?” asks an agitated source close to the film. “Ashwini Dutt has hardly any financial stakes in Maharshi. Why is he making such absurd demands which will collapse in a heap of ridicule in any court of law, as his stakes in the film are clearly stated by contract,” says the source.

Since Ashwini Dutt’s Vyjanthi Films is one of the oldest and most powerful  production houses in Telugu cinema, we suggest he clears all his dispute with the film’s other producer and with the film’s leading man Mahesh Babu, both of whom are contemplating legal action against what they see as the unreasonable demands of a producer who has very little at stake in the project under question.

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