Lata Mangeshkar’s Family Pleads: ‘Stop Spreading Lies’

Lata Mangeshkar’s Family Pleads: ‘Stop Spreading Lies’

Rumour mongers have been having a field day with some portals even declaring that Lata Mangeshkar is no more

The vultures in the media business are having a field day. In the last one week ever since India’s most beloved singer Lata Mangeshkar was hospitalized, the alarmists and  sensation-mongers are putting out periodic “reports” (more like fodder for the sensation-hungry multitudes) about her health. The latest “authentic report” about Lataji came  to me an hour ago. Someone from the entertainment media tweeted she is gone.

Lata Mangeshkar’s Family Pleads: ‘Stop Spreading Lies’

Who are these people who spread such monstrous misinformation on the social media? These trouble-makers can probably governments down. But they can’t kill India’s greatest entertainment icon for their two minutes of ill-gotten fame. I spoke to Lataji’s niece Rachana after the latest round of firing from the doom-machale-doom brigade and she says our beloved Lataji is just fine. She also says, “Please ignore all the fake reports.”

Tweets from “family friends” of the Mangeshkars are doing the rounds. Just who are these  friends of the family? I have been close to her for 35 years. I haven’t known of any of these “family friends” visiting her even once. One socialite-columnist, who should know better, declared the Nightingale to be no more, without checking with any of  the  Mangeshkars.

Lata Mangeshkar’s Family Pleads: ‘Stop Spreading Lies’ Lata Mangeshkar

When did this socialite-columnist get so close to Lataji to be able to comment on her health condition? Does this glamorous specimen of a fancy writing have any idea what such a declaration means to us Lata bhakts? For us the end of Lata Mangeshkar is the end of an essential part of our lives. We have grown up with her voice. She has defined everything beautiful on this earth for us. And if she goes the light in our lives goes.

So for your own perverse reasons, please stop writing obituaries for someone who is much more just a source of news for us. Let’s have a law against misinformation about ailing icons. I am told that the Central government plans to honour Lataji in a big way after she is well again. But the best honour that the government can bestow on Lataji is  to take strict action those who are posting ugly reports on her wellbeing.